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Matter .5g Vape Cartridges $75 OUT THE DOOR!
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Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash
Posted by CANNASaver on Saturday, 10 December 2022 in Canna Blog

You just might forget your troubles on the double with some bubble hash! This variety of weed wax is popular for its potency. It’s named for how it bubbles when heated. Plus, the bags used in making it are referred to as bubble bags.

But what makes it worth your time and money? We’ll give you more information about this concentrated cannabis.

What are the effects of this wonderful wax? Strong dabs mean better benefits. 

And any stoner worth their salt is going to want to know if this stuff will get you high. The short answer is yes. We’ll explain in greater detail.

How does bubble hash stack up to other dabs? We’ll compare and contrast concentrates.

Cannabis consumers may wonder if you can smoke this wax by itself. Certainly, you can, but it can also boost your other bud and concentrates. Read on for more on that.

Lastly, we will help you find dispensary discounts on this concentrated cannabis. 

Let’s get into it with a quick primer on this powerful pot product.

bubble hash on dab tool

Bubble Hash 101 

So, what’s the story on bubble hash?

This wax is generally made with mesh bags soaked in ice water. The meshes have different-sized holes that aid in filtering trichomes. Trichomes are the tiny hairs on marijuana that contain the most THC.

As the plant matter soaks in the nested bags, it is stirred. This is called agitation. It breaks up the cannabis which filters through the mesh.

After stirring, the bags are slowly removed one at a time. The bags have smaller and smaller holes. Eventually, only the trichomes get through.

After the last bag, you end up with the final product. This is pressed and then dried.

The resulting solid varies in color depending on the degree of refinement. It can be anywhere from light yellow to dark brown.

Okay, so now what do you do with it?

Well, waxes are often dabbed. A dab rig is pretty much a bong with the bowl swapped for a nail.

The metal, glass, or ceramic spike is heated with a small hand torch. You then place your concentrate on the hot nail, where it vaporizes. The vapor is breathed in through a mouthpiece.

Now you know how it’s made. And you know what to do with it. However, what benefits does this dab wax offer?

What Does Bubble Hash Do For You?

Cannabis concentrates are hella strong. It’s literally in the name. Thus, the THC levels are impressive.

Toking pot leaf offers THC amounts into the 30-percent plus level. Weed waxes can contain between 40% to 80 % THC.

Many factors can affect the intensity of cannabinoids. Two of them are the strain strength and the amount of refinement in making the wax.

But whatever effects the source strain has will be amped up, in dabs.

Generally, marijuana is beneficial for pain and stress relief. Inflammation and nausea are also things that can be treated when you toke. Even chronic diseases like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis may respond to pot use.

Whatever weed does for you straight, waxes do even more! Stronger ganja means better benefits.

Okay, but what about the buzz from this boosted bud product?

bubble hash in container

Does Bubble Hash Get You High?

Making bubble hash extracts trichomes from cannabis plant material. These hair-like structures pack most of marijuana’s psychoactive heft. Therefore, the highs can be lofty indeed.

The more THC you smoke or vape, the higher you get. And this wax has a lot of ganja magic.

Those who enjoy this form of concentrate also note the great taste and smell. Without solvents, there’s no aftertaste. Just purified terpenes that boost the flavor and aroma.

Terpenes also enhance the benefits of the bud. That includes the trippy effects of the tetrahydrocannabinol.

So, yes, dabbing this wax will get you good and high. How does it compare to other cannabis concentrates?

Is Bubble Hash the Strongest?

There are all kinds of different kinds of dabs out there.

Shatter is the most popular. It’s what a lot of people think of when it comes to waxy weed. It’s a honey-colored solid that looks like glass.

There’s also resin and rosin. Resin is made with solvents like butane or CO2. Rosin is made with heat and pressure. There are ‘live’ versions of both that utilize buds frozen immediately after harvest. 

These two range in color from golden to brown. Rosin tends to be the yellower solid. 

There’s butter, budder, or badder. They’re all different names for the same dab. It’s a light yellow whipped concentrate.

So what’s the most powerful pot dabber?

Distillate crystals are the highest in THC at 99%. The other waxes will fall between 40% to 80%, as we mentioned above.

A determining factor is the source strain. If the bud used in creation was really loaded, then so will be the concentrated form.

So, bubble hash isn’t the strongest. But that doesn’t mean that it’s weak, either. It will get you stoned.

Another consideration is how to smoke it.

bubble hash closeup

Can You Smoke Bubble Hash By Itself?

Sure, dabbing this stuff solo is an option. But what else can you do?

Try bowl topping. What’s that? Put a little atop your bong or pipe bowl. Then add flame from your lighter and toke away.

You could mix it on your dab nail with another wax. This could add benefits depending on the strains involved. And it increases the psychotropic effects.

One other thing you could do is melt down some of this solid and use it to make mighty edibles.

It's really up to you.

Now, for the best part! Let’s look at saving you some money on bubble hash.

How To Find The Best Deals On Bubble Hash

The best place to find bud and dab bargains is right here on Cannasaver.

There’s a big, white rectangle on the upper left. That search box is your gateway to great ganja deals. Type in text for whatever you’re looking for. 

You can even use the map icon below to refine your search to your geographic location. That way you find savings at the dispensaries closest to you.

We’ll even give you a headstart. Here are some wonderful waxy discounts to get you going:

15% Off All Solventless Concentrate | Lakewood | Golden Meds - Youngfield

8 grams of wax for $79 pre tax | Edgewater | Pure Marijuana Dispensary

$8/g wax, budder, or shatter | Denver | La Bodega

Wax & Shatter Deals | Denver | Rocky Mountain High - LoDo Wazee

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Weed Deals Near Me View All

Matter .5g Vape Cartridges $75 OUT THE DOOR!
Matter .5g Vape Cartridges $75 OUT THE DOOR!
Farmingdale - Medical 245.17 miles
25% OFF CBD Coffee (K-Cups)
25% OFF CBD Coffee (K-Cups)
Ijamsville - Rec & Med 22.86 miles
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