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Happy Valley 100mg Gummies $20
Happy Valley 100mg Gummies $20
Rockland - Recreational 5248.69 miles
Amber Concentrates 1G / $65
Amber Concentrates 1G / $65
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Dispo Deals

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Posted by CANNASaver on Sunday, 10 July 2022

Dispo deals are popular. Every bud hunter loves him, her, or themself a bargain. If you’re a savvy stoner, then you can get more weed for the buck and stretch your budget

Dispensary deals are a win-win for buyer and seller. 

For the cannabis center, it is good customer relations. They attract new customers through special offers. They can also reward repeat shoppers with regular sales. And some special occasions and holidays can drive business.

But what about ganja fans, what do they get out of it? Trying new pot places usually means sweet deal introductory offers. 

Sometimes there are bulk deals on things like vape cartridges.  Or you might see ounce deals that can make stocking up more affordable. 

Smart spending spreads money further and means more marijuana to enjoy!

Let’s delve deeper into dispensary deals and find out how to get great bud bargains.

weed deals at dispensary

Offers For First-Time Dispensary Shoppers 

Most of us have our favorite places to shop for our stoner supplies. Weed sellers know that and want to lure you away from your usual place to try theirs. So, they offer special deals for the first time you shop at their store

Thus, there’s all kinds of incentives to try new dispensaries and see what they have to offer. Certainly, they are hoping that they will become your new regular place to get pot. Competition is what drives capitalism, and cannabis centers are no different.

So, what kinds of perks can you get when you ganja shop at a new place? Discounts and freebies are two ways provisioning centers draw in fresh business.

Discounts can be one-time percentages off total purchases. Sometimes the savings come with provisos. For example, 25% off if you spend up to a certain dollar amount. Usually, the percentage perk is just for the initial purchase.

Freebies come in different forms. They may throw in a preroll or an edible with whatever you buy. Other times you might get a bonus amount of flower when you buy some bud.

And, of course, you just might decide you like the new place better than your old supplier. That’s just what the weed store wants.

What do dispensaries offer customers who come to try their supply and then stick around?

dispensary deals

Loyalty Programs and Membership Marijuana Savings 

Marijuana merchandisers want to keep their customers happy. They don’t want them straying to other stores. So, they are motivated to promote membership perks.

Points programs are a popular privilege. Sometimes these can take the form of punch cards. Every time you stop to shop, the budtender will punch your card. Then, after so many purchases, you get some kind of discount or freebie. 

Another idea used by supply stores is tiered discounts. When you spend up to a certain dollar amount, savings kicks in. Say after spending $1000 you get 25% off your next weed buy. Then once you cross $2000 in spending, you get a 30% savings. And so, it builds as you buy more from a particular place.

Referrals are also sometimes rewarded. Dispensaries might give you deals for bringing a friend. If your pothead pal mentions you when they buy or sign up, then you get a discount or freebie. 

What other incentives might your supplier offer? How about high holidays and events?

Special Days for Promotions and Dispo Deals

Who wouldn’t want some weed for the holidays? And there are a lot of special days scattered throughout the year. 

New Year’s Eve parties are made better with some marijuana. So, too, are summer celebrations like the 4th of July. Are there any dads who would consider cannabis a good Father’s Day gift? Of course, there are! Dispensaries often offer deals geared towards festive days. 

Even better, there are special stoner holidays. Those would be 4/20 and 7/10. Most marijuana users recognize and even revere those dates. 

4/20 is the original weed high holiday. 420 is a legendary high school kids’ code for after-school toking from back in the 70s. Over the years, it spread throughout cannabis culture. Nowadays, it is celebrated on April 20th worldwide.

7/10 is another special day. The numbers 710 are taken from the letters O-I-L, as in cannabis oil concentrates. Along with April 20th, July 10th is a day that dispensaries like to offer discounts. 

Holidays and events create an automatic increase in bud buying. Different weed shops want to drive those droves of buyers to their stores. They do that with sweet sales and discounts.

Any local festival or celebration may prompt provisioning centers to offer deals. They want to draw in celebrants. 

Your favorite marijuana mart probably has text or email promo lists that you can sign up for. That will clue you into sales and special discount days.

dispensary weed deals

Bulk Bud Buying Bargains 

One more way to save is to buy big amounts.

Vape carts are sometimes sold four or five at a time. Usually, the pricing is around a hundred bucks for a set of carts. Offers will vary from location to location.

There are combos for other concentrates as well. The popularity of dabbing makes quantity discounts a good draw for dispensaries.

Ounce deals are also commonplace. For the seller, these flower specials encourage larger weed purchases. For buyers, they are a great way to get more ganja for less spending green than purchasing it at full price.

Sample savings might be getting a second 28 grams for less after you purchase one.

Other than discounts, ounce promos often let you mix and match, building your own ounce. So you can get a quarter of one strain and quarters or halves of others until it equals a full ounce. The price point is usually cheaper than getting the lesser amounts separately.

There are frequently discounts on concentrates and edibles, too.

Now let’s discuss finding those stoner savings.

How to Find Great Dispensary Deals On Cannasaver

Where are the pricing promos you can get at your local provisioning center? How do you take advantage of first-timer, membership, and bulk buying dispo deals?

Other than smartphone texts, is there a way to get clued into local cannabis specials? That is entirely why Cannasaver exists! So you are definitely in the right place!

There is a search bar in the upper left corner that you can refine by location. Just type the kind of bud bonus that you’re interested in and read through the results.

Or you can click on any of the deals categories next to the search box.

To get you started, here’s a sampling of weed store savings:

First Time Patient! $75/OZ OTD!

20% off New Customer

$10 Eighth | Full Bud Flower

5 THC Vape Carts For $100

Premium Top Shelf Indoor Popcorn Ounce $59.33

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Weed Deals Near Me View All

Happy Valley 100mg Gummies $20
Happy Valley 100mg Gummies $20
Rockland - Recreational 5248.69 miles
Amber Concentrates 1G / $65
Amber Concentrates 1G / $65
Boston - Rec & Med 5259.45 miles
Sanctuary Medicinals  Fruit Chews/Lozenges 20pk/$29
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Airopro 500MG Vape Carts $60
Airopro 500MG Vape Carts $60
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Happy Valley Premium Flower  1G / $12.50 Select Strains
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Rhythm Flower Eighths $50
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