Cannapages Coupons Landing in Grocery Stores

It’s getting easier to find cannabis coupons, even recreational! CANNAPAGES is taking a major step forward as Arizona begins rec sales, by forging a new partnership with Albertsons to carry their bi-monthly directory and coupon digest. - January 27, 2021


Meet Micah Johnson | Editor & Co-Founder, Cannapages

Cannapages is one of few original “cannabis industry” media companies still standing for a few main reasons. Shout Out Colorado connects with Micah Johnson and shares the conversation. - December 7, 2021


CANNAPAGES Celebrates 5 Years as Colorado’s Original Recreational and Medical Marijuana Directory

Cannapages was one of the first media companies on the scene as the medical marijuana industry exploded in Colorado in late 2009. To celebrate another successful year in publishing and expansion, the company announces an epic 5-Year Birthday Spectacular in Denver with music, "recreational" festivities, and cake for all legal attendees. - February 11, 2015


A new Rocky Mountain high: Colorado open for cannabis tourism

With tight lips on the official front, tourists must rely on Web searches and local weed publications (curl up with a copy of Cannapages or Hemp Connoisseur) for their travel information. - February 6, 2014


Denver to Celebrate Recreational Marijuana Super Bowl Rivalry at Cannapages Birthday Spectacular

Cannapages, Colorado's oldest cannabis directory, has announced the Great Bud Bowl on February 2nd, featuring free recreational marijuana, the championship game on big screen, and a giant infused birthday cake. The party, which begins at 3pm at the Roxy Theater in Denver, is open to anyone over 21, in accordance with a new state law to legalize and regulate cannabis like alcohol. - January 27, 2014


Cannapages Publishes World's First Phone Book of Legal & Regulated Cannabis Shops in Colorado

Cannapages, Colorado's oldest cannabis directory, has released the definitive phone book for the new recreational market, with a list of all current and future stores for 21+ clientele. A recognized staple in the local community, this is the first independent publication for the Denver-based company after years of monthly sections in multiple magazines. The directory also features contributors Ry Prichard, formerly of Kind Reviews, and Herbal Synergy Labs (annual High Times Cannabis Cup). - January 21, 2014 to Present 4/20 Eve with the Flobots, to Kickoff Cannabis Holiday Festivities in Denver, a medical marijuana media leader in Colorado, has announced a 4/20 Eve show with the Flobots on April 19th at the Aztlan Theater. The company's private event will be one of the first Amendment 64-friendly parties to allow recreational use of cannabis to anyone over 21. - April 03, 2013


Colorado Medical Marijuana Tech Agency Announces Cannabis Industry "Party of the Year" in Denver, Colorado's leading online cannabis industry resource, will throw the "Party of the Year" in honor of their third birthday, January 27th. The company expects 750-1000 local cannabis enthusiasts, along with members of the cannabis media and industry, to celebrate with donated medicine, music, and birthday cake. - January 25, 2013


Medical Marijuana Tech Agency to Celebrate 3 Years in Cannabis Industry with Legendary Party for Patients in Denver, Colorado's leading cannabis technology agency, announced plans to throw their 2013 birthday spectacular, January 27th, at Denver's historic Aztlan Theater. Medical marijuana patients and even non-patients are invited to attend the industry extravaganza, featuring music, edibles and donated dispensary products for patients to sample. - January 14, 2013 Editors Urge Medical Marijuana Industry to Attend Legal Symposium: What Happens if Colorado Votes to Legalize Cannabis? has taken a pivotal role as media sponsors for an October 25th legal panel, held to address the medical marijuana industry regarding the ballot measure to legalize and regulate cannabis like alcohol. The initiative stands to potentially alter much of the cannabis system already established in the state over the last ten years. - October 17, 2012


Medical Marijuana Tech Agency Announces Entertainment and Sponsors for Phoenix Cannabis Convention Afterparty, July 28th is unveiling their national cannabis industry website at the AZMC Medical Convention in Downtown Phoenix, July 28th. Today the Company announced the line-up of entertainment and vendors for its "Canna-Community" Afterparty the same night, at Rockbar in Scottsdale. - July 24, 2012


Medical Marijuana Tech Agency to Launch National Website at AZMC Medical Convention in Downtown Phoenix on July 28, a leading tech and media agency in Colorado's Medical Marijuana industry, is expanding nationally at the end of July. They will unveil their new website and technology solutions at the AZMC Arizona Medical Convention, July 28th in downtown Phoenix. The site is part of the agency's initiative to reach out to the quickly-expanding number of Medical Marijuana states and patients. - July 19, 2012 Critics to Review High Times Cannabis Cup Medical Marijuana Strain Entries, a leading tech and media agency in Colorado's Medical Marijuana industry, has been chosen alongside partner Herbal Synergy labs, to test and review strains submitted for the High Times Cannabis Cup in April. The two companies will also be testing and reviewing submitted strains for the annual 420 Rally in downtown Denver. - April 03, 2012 Announces Musical Line-Up for 2-Year Cannabis Industry Birthday Spectacular, Colorado's leading cannabis technology agency, announced the musical lineup for their upcoming 2-Year Birthday Spectacular, January 29th, at Denver's Oriental Theater. Medical marijuana patients and even non-patients are invited to attend the extravaganza, which will feature a performance by the agency’s staff, as well as an onsite sampling area for patients to try donated products. - January 26, 2012


Altitude Organic Forms Strategic Alliance With

Altitude Organic Corporation (PINKSHEETS: ERBB), a leading national, publicly-traded medical marijuana company, announced today it has strategically aligned with medical marijuana advertiser and point-of-sale software support company The two companies have executed a website design and web hosting agreement. - May 25, 2011 Introduces New Services for Medical Marijuana Providers

The Denver-based directory and research firm,, announces new technological services, testing, and software to further the advance of commercial Medical Marijuana. - November 05, 2011


Medical Marijuana Testing to Continue with and Herbal Synergy LLC and Herbal Synergy LLC announced plans to roll out new quality control solutions to test medical marijuana for medicinal cannabinoid content, as well as mildew, mold, bugs, and other harmful agents. The two companies will also help patients identify and inspect the cannabis they purchase at dispensaries. - October 16, 2011