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How to Smell Proof Your Stash

How to Smell Proof Your Stash

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 21 December 2020 in Canna Blog

Let’s face it, friend – the dank Colorado “sticky-icky” is profoundly potent these days. With potency of the flower comes some of the most powerful odors known to the human nose. As your house fills with the attractive smells of your favorite dispensary, you realize you have your family coming over for dinner. 

You have no time to embrace the wonderful smells as you rush to think of solutions for the smell. An overload of nerves surges through you – how are you going to smell proof your righteous stash? Let’s skip the sandwich bags and look at some ways we can smell proof thy stash.

Starting at the Source

Mary Jane, how we love thee, but wowzers, you really stink. No more comments need to be heard from mom about letting a skunk die in the living room. How are we going to smell proof this noxious, inviting cannabis? Let’s seal up this odor in the most preserving way we can. No flavor or potency will be sacrificed this day.

What to Look for When Smell Proofing the Stash

We will start by hitting the obvious on the nose, the actual smell proofing. Smell proofing your stash will help to deter our precious cannabis from children, looky-lous, and animals alike. This will hopefully keep your stash’s threat level maximum low. We want to stay away from plastic jars. Marijuana smells leak out of plastic containers due to the porous nature of the plastic itself. Also, plastic containers run the risk of having static charges destroy the adorable trichomes.

Proper Stash Storage

Airtight, glass jars are a perfect place to start. With so many different styles to choose from, it’s a matter of personal preference but have fun with it. Just make sure it's glass and airtight. The cheapest, often most effective choice is simply Mason jars. Big plus – they often come in packs of six or so. Storing in jars prevents smells from coming out of the jar while providing cover from light and humidity. 

Another option is a humidor. Humidors keep the humidity between 50-65%. Be cautious however because they can fluctuate in humidity randomly which could spell mold for your innocent flower. For extra paranoia protection, you can also wrap the stash jar in laundry sheets or throw the jar in with coffee beans.

Fancy Stash Bags and Devices

These days, stash bags can get about as designer as you want them to be. That said, stash bags are absolutely amazing and necessary if you can get one. They typically have room for thy stash, pipe, lighter, and if lucky, your grinder. Lined in activated charcoal, stash bags absorb the strong smells leaving no odor behind. 

Another fancy thing you can do is invest in a good vaporizer. Vaporizers reduce the amount of odor being emitted while also having flavor and being a healthier overall choice.

Smell Proofing While Smoking Your Stash

Air Filters

There are a couple of great options when disguising cannabis smoke as regular smoke. The first option is a useful, crude device known as a sploof. Many of you probably used this creation at some point while smoking. It consists of a toilet paper tube stuffed with laundry sheets. 

Simply blow through the tube and smoke comes out smelling like freshly washed clothes. For the more adult, not McGuyver type, the Smoke Buddy is a longer-lasting choice. Made of various colored plastic, Smoke Buddies have a good design, effective, and not a toilet paper tube.

Smoke Outside

Sounds simple enough right? Get outside to smoke, friend. You will enjoy some fresh ol’ air while the sunlight neutralizes any smells you acquired during your sesh. UV light takes the smell away in about 30-45 minutes.

Odor Eliminators

It’s tempting to start spraying Febreeze or Axe like it’s going out of style. Don’t. The world and the environment will thank you. Instead, invest in some Ozium, Odoban, or Va-Por-Tek. They kill bacteria, break up stubborn odors, and will leave you (and anyone else) wondering if you ever smoked at all.

Clean your Glass

Never underestimate the power of a cleaned out piece. Pipes, bongs, vaporizers, the cleaner they are the cleaner you are. When dirty, glass pieces can be notorious sources of awful stoney smells. By cleaning the resin and ash out, the glass won’t smell and bet the flower tastes much better as well.

Air Purifier

To round out our festival of ripe cannabis smell remedies, an air purifier will finish the job of smell removal by removing the smell particles from the area in which the purifier is set up. Works best in a medium space. It will remove the remaining stale smoke smells.

Armed with your arsenal of goodies, your family shows up and cannot believe how good your house smells. No dead skunk jokes tonight folks. 

Marijuana is absolutely amazing and gets better every day, but we don’t have to flaunt it. Not everyone loves it as much as we do. Learn how to smell proof your stash and you become a professional pot lover. 

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