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Vape or Flower?

Vape or Flower?

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 31 October 2022 in Canna Blog

Canna-newbies and canna-connoisseurs are typically flocking to dispensaries for one of two products: vape or flower.

Longer-established marijuana smokers often go with what they’ve grown accustomed to – smoking a bong, joint, or pipe.

And why not?! 

Flower is timeless and has aged well. Flower was probably the very first way you ever delighted by marijuana’s righteousness.

Nonetheless, as legalization sores high in the sky; vaping has gotten pretty famous over the long haul.

Vaping is often seen as the new-age alternative to burning a bowl. Many people love vaping due to its ease of use and discreetness. Vaporization is the process of heating cannabis oils to specific temperatures below the point of combustion in a vape pen.

So, whether you are an experienced THC hero or a rookie looking to broaden your horizons, you've started thinking, “So which is it then? Vape or Flower?”

Let’s discuss.

smoking flower vs vape

Differences Between Vaping And Smoking Weed

Even though marijuana flower options increase in potency continuously and only seem to climb up, vaping has become prominent in the cannabis industry for providing a grander punch than regular marijuana flower.

Vaporization works by warming THC molecules to a temperature between 250-400 degrees fahrenheit which is what creates the vapor you smoke. This interaction of precise heat and cannabis oil, optimizes the way in which your body intakes cannabis. It only uses enough heat to create a highly concentrated marijuana vapor.

While smoking works by requiring combustion to smoke THC, smoking flower produces cancer-causing synthetic compounds as a side-effect of said combustion. This can cause hacking, wheezing, shortness in breath, and various other lung problems.

Marijuana vape cartridges offer an alternative to the combustion of smoking and can lighten the coughing.

Which is Most Efficient: Vape or Flower?

Let's look at some of the most efficient ways to smoke weed and where vaping and smoking flower rank...

In Terms Of Potency and Your “High”

Recent studies have found that vaping does, in fact, give you a more fantastic high than smoking flower.  

In those particular studies,  different volunteers had their pulses constantly monitored, blood pressure was checked during their smoke sessions, and had blood drawn throughout the day.

When vaped, cannabis can create much more fantastical results than with regular ol Mary Jane. Vaping has been stated by some smokers to cause those individuals to feel a lot higher than by just smoking marijuana flower; for better and worse. Per THC dosage, flower just can’t compare to vape.

Last Good and Important Note About Vaping Cannabis: This absolutely means that if you are a first-time passenger on the cannabis vaping train, be aware of how much you're intaking and go slow. 

In Terms Of Cost

The financial aspects of smoking as opposed to vaping are really comparable. 

The definitive difference depend on several factors, most notably, the manner by which you choose to indulge in cannabis.

For instance, a gram of cannabis flower can cost roughly $7-$10. So, if you smoke one gram of flower consistently for seven days, expenses could amount to roughly $49-$70 per week.

On the flip side, many people consider vaping to be at a more reasonable cost than flower. 

With control of the temperature, you are able to give your a nice dosing of THC with any sort of flame. 

With vapes being considered more potent than flower, some people can get a gram of a cartridge to last longer; though cartridge prices vary.

weed vape

Which is More Convenient: Vape or Flower?

Smoking marijuana is something you can do alone or to share as a significant method for mingling with your peers. Setting up your weed for smoking is social and fun. Ceremonial, even.

But vaping provides a more discreet experience than smoking. One of the most engaging parts of vaping cannabis is that it doesn't produce as strong of a smell as flower tends to. 

It is also easier to conceal and hide away if needed.

Which One Lasts Longer: Vape or Flower?

Which method is going to last the longest? Let's look at vape first.

Vape Cartridge Life Span

If your cartridge starts to “go bad” it won't taste as good, won’t be as potent, and can cause more coughing/headaches.

One way to check if it’s good or not is whether you notice the color and viscosity are similar to when you bought it. The oil inside the cartridge should be golden/amber in color. It also should have a general clarity to it as well.

Shelf life is typically a year in good conditions.

Flower’s Life Span

If your flower starts to go bad, you’ll notice a lot of it through smell. It begins to smell different and/or loses its smell altogether. 

The buds will start feeling different: either too wet or too dry. If the buds are wet, be careful for mold. Mold is the last thing you want to be smoking. 

If you store your flower in good conditions, it can last 6-12 months.

Which Is Healthier: Vaping Or Flower?

Though vaping is technically the “healthiest” of the smoking options, eating edibles is the only one absolute way to ingest cannabis without long term effects to your body.

Vaping’s Effects On Your Lungs

When you have a high-quality vape product, there are a few reasons why it may just become the product of choice for your marijuana needs.

As vaporizing cannabinoids promptly introduces them to your circulatory system and of course, your lungs. This enables you feel the cannabis much faster.  

Vaping is considered less damaging than smoking flower, but the real answer is, long-term data just isn’t known as of yet. Vaping is too new of a product of the market. Be mindful of low quality vaporizers that can appear just about anywhere. These are usually made with delicate plastic parts that you would rather not breathe in. 

Flower’s Effects On Your Lungs

Some might contend that marijuana smoke isn't as hurtful as tobacco smoke, though, this doesn’t absolve flower from its potential harm on your throat and lungs. 

At the point when flower combusts, the high temperature of the fire consumes a portion of the terpenes and cannabinoids.

Taking in smoke into your lungs can risk breathing in cancer-causing carcinogens. 

weed nugget

So Which One Is Better? Vape or Flower?

In the end, ultimately which is better is going to be up to you. Both kinds of marijuana are different from each other. You will just have to choose which journey to go on. But never worry, both will get you where you need to go.

Vaping Provides:

  • Efficiency
  • A discreet experience
  • A punch of flavors
  • Absolute control over temperature

Flower Provides

  • More intense effects
  • No learning curve
  • Low maintenance

Vape/Cart Deals on Cannasaver

Here at Cannasaver, we feature some good deals on vaping products in Denver.

Local Product of Colorado has a location in downtown Denver.

Current deals include:

Herbs4You has a location in downtown Denver.

Current deals include:

Flower Deals on Cannasaver

Here at Cannasaver, we also feature a few great deals on flower in Denver (and other areas – just set your location in the top left corner).

Pure Marijuana Dispensary has 3 locations spread around Denver.

Current deals for flower include:

Herbs4You has a location in downtown Denver.

Current deals on flower include:

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Lookah Ice Cream Brings On the Toast

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 02 December 2021 in Wacky Racky

Lookah really has cornered the market on smoking for dummies. If you want to dab, they have their Seahorse Pro for dummies. Now they've added a dry herb vaporizer called Ice Cream.

First off, let me tell you, this dummy is apparently blue-purple color blind. Factory preset is Half Baked when I thought it was set to Lightly Toasted. It only took me 10 test sessions to figure out why my eyeballs kept escaping their sockets. Or why my nose and lips had temporarily vacated my face.

I gave the Ice Cream to my two toughest vaporizer critics to test. Both Hubby and Thing 1 weren’t quite as riveted. "This still isn't the same as smoking a pipe," they both said.

Here I was, sitting completely blasted, and these two were acting like pipe snobs. If I hadn't been locked to the couch I probably would've bonked them in the heads with my rubber chicken. So I shot them with laser eyes instead and just shook my head.

Once my brain processed a retort I piped up and challenged, "Next time let me crank the heat up to Fully Baked, this is just Lightly Toaaassted. Oh shit, no it's not! No wonder my face has been misplaced, this was Half Baked!"

So for their next session I set it to Fully Baked (white light) and handed it over. Needless to say Thing 1 doesn't want to give my Ice Cream back now. To him it hit just like his pipe without as many coughing fits. He is in love!

Even old-school hubby said, "That's the closest I've seen a vaporizer get to a pipe." And while that may not seem like a glowing recommendation, it truly is, coming from that old man.

Easy to use
Easy to change heat setting
Cleaning mouthpiece is easy
Unit outer heat

Battery doesn't last long (3 - 4 min sessions on one charge)
Cleaning oven concerns
Clumsy loading

In a Nutshell:
I have mixed feelings about this vaporizer. I love the overall use. Fill it, turn it on, select temp. When it vibrates, start hitting it until it vibrates to turn off. No holding down any buttons or trying to figure out when to start hitting it.

Loading is a little clumsy and it's hard to tell how full it is. Just use a rolling tray to catch any spillage as you fill the oven. Or use an old medicine bottle to dump herb in. I prefer the medicine bottle versus the pinch method.

I was impressed by how quickly this vaporizer reached its set temp. This unit also stays a lot cooler than most I have tested. Even after a few back-to-back sessions with the family.

Changing temperatures is super easy too. Just click the power button once. Click again to go up one more. I start my session on green to get all the wonderful tasting terps. Then after about 90 seconds I change it to purple for that half baked pain relief setting. No complications whatsoever.

My concern is over the cleaning. There is no way to get into the chamber to really clean it between uses or to give it a really good one every other day. So I worry about tar build-up over time clogging up the oven. Personally I clean the oven with an alcohol Q-tip every evening or as needed.

Getting the spent herb out of the oven with the pick tool is a little challenging too. The floating screen in the oven is a little weird to work around. It can sometimes flip the spent herb into what I assume is the heating element? So I end up blowing it out, which sometimes gets spent herb all over! Not fun!

The mouthpiece also has a screen under the plug cap. This screen is removable, while the one on the oven is not.

The mouthpiece screen is probably where most of the tar will land, and thankfully, it’s super easy to clean. I just wish Lookah would've included some replacement screens in the box. Make sure to clean the plug, screen and mouthpiece often (daily or every-other-day depending on how often you use it). It will otherwise clog with tar and some herb that escapes the oven chamber.

The battery doesn't last long. I am sure the number of sessions one can get on a charge also depends on what heat setting you choose. On the highest (White - Fully Baked) it is 3 full sessions. Charge time is 2-2.5 hours. This is not a terrible performance if using solo. 

You need to remember this isn't a Pax or DaVinci IQ2--and it costs a fraction of the price. Comparably, battery life on the DaVinci is phenomenal for instance, and its many features like  easy dosing and sleek app constitute the higher value.

However, at just $80, the Lookah Ice Cream won't break the bank like those more advanced units. This is a sure-fire roast perfect for anyone whether new to medical or recreational cannabis or a seasoned veteran.

Drawbacks were otherwise insignificant. I was hoping the name Ice Cream meant the vape would somehow be cooler than normal but it really wasn't. Overall the unit was cooler (even the mouthpiece) than most others, and that's a huge plus. The manual also suggests the light will turn from red to green when fully charged. My light turns blue. No, not blue-green color-blind either. When you cycle the temperatures note how green the green light is. Nope, my fully charged light is blue. 

What I did find wonderfully surprising about this vaporizer was the taste. Comparing terp taste between the DaVinci and Ice Cream, hands down, Ice Cream is the winner here.

Due to price and ease of use I still give this unit 5 out of 5 stars. It doesn't make the wow list or get the Wacky Racky seal of approval, but it gets pretty darn close.

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Disposable Vape vs Cartridge

Disposable Vape vs Cartridge

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 15 September 2022 in Canna Blog

Cannabis vape pens are just so convenient and easy to use. Press a button and puff away for a buzz with benefits. But which kind is best? Are disposable vaporizers the way to go or are cartridges better? 

Do you really know the differences between disposables versus carts? If so, cool. If not, then we’ll explain.

And we’ll cover which kind lasts longer, giving you the most mileage for your cannabis cash. Thus, we will discuss the costs of limited-use vapes. Next, we'll compare buying pen bases with removable cartridges. 

As we always do, we’ll show you how to save when vape shopping at your friendly neighborhood dispensary.

Let’s start with the pros and cons of disposable vape pens and cannabis oil cartridges.

weed vape cartridge

Are Disposable Vapes Better Than Cartridges?

Whether one is better than the other likely depends on the person.

The biggest plus to all-in-one, pitchable pens is simplicity. They are easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about charging them.

For newbies to vaping, uncomplicated cannabis is ideal. All they gotta do is buy a disposable vape, open it and press a button to puff. Once they’ve used up all the vape juice, then they just toss it in a garbage can. 

Cartridges are 510-threaded modules that screw onto a rechargeable battery base. They are filled with concentrated cannabis oil, like all-in-one vapes are. But different carts can be swapped out on any standard vape pen in about a minute. 

They aren’t much harder to use than a temporary vape. But the base does need to be powered up periodically. And the oil in cartridges can weaken over time with long-term storage.

Thus, someone with more experience might prefer switching carts on a rechargeable pen. Whereas newbie vapers might find disposables somewhat simpler.

Let’s look closer at the differences between these kinds of vaporizers.

disposable vape cartridge

What are the Differences Between Vape Pens and Cartridges?

First of all, there’s more to vaping than just these two pen options. There’s also dry leaf vaping. And then there are tabletop vaporizers

Herb vaping is somewhat complicated. You got to grind the ganja flower and then pack the heating chamber. And they must be brushed out and cleaned. But some prefer the taste of roasted leaf versus oil or concentrates.

Tabletop vapes have a mouthpiece on the end of a hose that connects to a plug-in base. They can be used for either concentrates or herb. But they’re not very portable.

The two simplest devices are disposable pen vapes and cartridges for battery bases.

Disposables are one solid unit. They usually come in a cardboard box that you open to get at the pen. All you gotta do is press a button to begin puffing. Some you don’t even have to do that, you just inhale.

These throw-aways usually last for around 100 hits, then they’re done.

There’s obviously a bit more to the cart and battery base combo. The components are usually sold separately. You buy the base and then buy various cartridges to use with it.

Many 510 pens have a variable heat setting. With a double click, you can go from low to medium to high energy settings. That affects how hot the oil gets and thus how strong the hit is. 

Of course, using the higher setting will drain the battery faster. The base can be recharged again and again for many months before it is spent. And a full charge can last for dozens of hits, again depending on how high you set the temp.

Eventually, you’ll need to buy a new vape base for your carts.

Now, these are the major differences between the two types of portable vaporizer pens. Which will get you the most mileage overall? 

Do Cartridges or Disposable Vapes Last Longer?

Both kinds of vaping devises will give you well over a hundred puffs. With variable temperatures, rechargeable vapes may give fewer hits if kept on high.

So, which lasts longer?

The best answer to this question is “It depends”. The more you use either, the less time you will have before it is out of oil or the battery drains.

Obviously, with carts and battery bases, you replace an emptied cartridge with a fresh one. And when the base is out of charge, you just plug it in for a while.

Technically, you could say the cartridge option lasts the longest. After all, you can refill and repower the pen.

So, does that mean that rechargeables are the best bet for your cannabis cash?

Which is Cheaper?

Weedy living can get expensive. So, you want to stretch those stoner savings whenever you can.

When choosing between portable and pen options, is there a cheaper vape?

When buying a throw-away pen, you’re paying for one item. But with reusable devices, you have to purchase the pen and then you have to get a cart. So, there’s more expense, initially with the latter.

But, if you factor in usage over time, then a base plus a cart may be more cost-effective in the long run.

For example, at one dispensary in Denver, High Level Health, a half-gram disposable is $30.  But a half-gram cart, by itself is $27. To that, you have to add the cost of a vape pen, if you don’t already own one. The same place sells a reusable battery base for 510-threaded carts at $22.98.

Thus the costs are about the same - if you already have a reusable pen to attach your carts to. Otherwise, a disposable would be cheaper because you don’t have to buy a vape pen additionally.

Prices are subject to change, but you can still note the similarity in pricing.

Okay, you’ve seen the pros and cons of the two kinds of vaping pens. The choice now is entirely up to you. Now let’s look at some deals on disposables, rechargeables, and cannabis oil cartridges.

close up vape cartridge

Stoner Savings on Disposable Vapes and Cartridges 

How do you find great deals on vape pens, carts and gear here on Cannasaver? The same way you find anything else. Your portal to pot savings is the search box in the upper left corner of the page. 

Below the search rectangle is a map icon that you can use to choose your geographic location. That way you can find disposable vape pen, rechargeable base or cartridge deals near you. 

Whatever way you decide to vape, you’ll find some sweet deals to set you up.

To get you started, we’ve listed a few below.  

Two 500mg Vape Cartridges for $30 | Denver, Colorado | La Bodega

$13.95 Disposable Vape Pen 250mg | Denver, Colorado | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - W 40th

$13.95 Disposable Vape Pen 250mg | Denver, Colorado | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - Bannock

1000mg High Potency Vape Cartridges Upto 95%+ $29.27 | Denver, Colorado | Herbs4you

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Denver Deals of the Week: Best Prices on Caviar, Vapes, and Ounces

Don’t have time to shop around for the lowest prices in Denver on ounces, vapes, caviar, or other dispensary purchases? Savvy Stoner to the rescue! I’m here to give you a round-up of some of the most tempting deals and biggest savings you can score this week from your favorite dispensaries in Denver with local Cannasaver coupons near you.

Denver Vape Deals

If you like the smoothness of vaping versus smoking, check out the Santana Smooth Inhalers coupon for $59 off. For just $99 dollars, you get a 1000 mg Santana Smooth Inhalers cartridge in your choice of flavors including orange, berry, or natural. You can also choose whether you want a full spectrum THC cartridge or a CBD cartridge, and each one has enough for 100 10mg doses. Santana Smooth Inhalers are available at Golden Meds Leetsdale, a Cherry Creek dispensary. For a concentrates deal in Cherry Creek on a high quality vape cartridge, this one is hard to beat.

Denver Ounce Deals

With all the incredible ounce deals  Denver dispensaries are offering right now, it’s a perfect time to stock up on some bud for the holiday season. The dispensary coupons on Cannasaver make it easy to score ounces for less than $100 this week.

One of the best deals is at The Lodge Cannabis south Denver dispensary on Federal, where Holy Grail kush is on sale for $92 an ounce recreational with the coupon on Cannasaver. The STONE dispensary near Lakewood also has a great recreational deal, with twelve strains on sale for just $95 an ounce with coupon.

Looking for a medical ounce deal in Denver? At Top Shelf Dispensary, a Baker district weed store, medical customers can get a $100 ounce deal on any strain in the store, or choose from a selection of strains for just $75 an ounce.

Best Caviar Deal in Denver

If you like caviar but have trouble justifying spending so much extra for it, it’s your lucky day! At Universal Herbs South Denver dispensary on S. Jason street, Kaviar joints are on sale for just $20 a pop. All you need to get the deal is the Universal Herbs coupon from Cannasaver and a $20 bill; all taxes are included. This price is only good for recreational customers, but if you’re looking for medical marijuana deals, they have plenty of those, as well.

How to Use Dispensary Coupons

Dispensary coupons are very easy to use. Most dispensaries will let you simply display the coupon on your phone at the time of purchase, while some stores might prefer to have the coupon printed out. Cannasaver coupons are free to use and free to print, and new deals are added daily. If you have a question about a particular deal, just call up the dispensary and tell them you saw their dispensary coupons on Cannasaver. They’ll be happy to help! New dispensary coupons can (and do!) appear at any hour of any day, so check the site frequently, follow the weekly deals blog here, or subscribe to our free email notifications to get a sampling of the very best weed deals in Denver delivered straight to your phone or inbox.

Till next time, I’ll be chillin’ in Tokin County...

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Pure Marijuana Dispensary Deals on CannaSaver

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 24 January 2018 in Canna Blog

The Best 500mg Distillate Vape Cartridge Deals and Concentrate Deals in Denver

THC distillate is popular for its purity, potency, and convenience. If you’re looking for distillate deals in Denver, you should get acquainted with Pure Marijuana dispensary. With three locations offering both medical and recreational concentrates deals, it’s one of the best dispensaries in Denver to find the lowest prices on distillate cartridges, wax, shatter, and other concentrates. They take great pride in the quality of their products, and they produce their own CO2 extracted oils and hash in-house to ensure purity and consistency. Right now, you can find some great Pure Marijuana Dispensary coupons on Cannasaver for distillate cartridge deals, wax deals, shatter deals, and more.

Pure Marijuana Dispensary Wax, Shatter, and Distillate Deals

One such offer that won’t last long is an amazing special on a 500 mg 93% THC distillate cartridge deal for only $14. This saves you $36 off the usual price. They also have a 1000 mg distillate syringe for just $17, which is also testing at 93% THC. If you’re interested in grabbing these distillate deals, you had better act quickly, like today. These are some of the best Denver distillate deals we’ve seen in a while, and supplies are bound to run out very quickly at these prices. They have a recreational shatter deal that’s pretty awesome, too. With the Pure Marijuana deals on Cannasaver, you can get seven grams of wax or shatter for just $104.20 plus tax.

Pure Marijuana Dispensary Daily Specials

Pure Marijuana dispensary also has great daily specials. On Wednesdays, they host a BOGO 50% off deal on all their marijuana products. Whether it’s an edibles deal, a concentrates deal, or a deal on weed that you want, when you buy one, you can get a second for only half the price. Thursdays bring the best concentrates deals at this Denver dispensary. West Edison brand wax and shatter is just $15 a gram for recreational customers. Don’t like to dab? You can also score 30% off on accessories and apparel at Pure each and every Thursday. Fridays are dubbed “Pain Free Fridays,” where all rec and med CBD products from Colorado Cannabis Company are priced at 25% off.

Where to Buy Lowest Priced Concentrates in Denver

Pure Marijuana has three Denver dispensary locations. Their Golden Triangle dispensary in downtown Denver is conveniently located at 1133 Bannock street. If you’re looking for a dispensary near Denver Art Museum, this one is an easy 5-minute walk away. They also have a Colfax dispensary near Denver Zoo, located at 5702 East Colfax. If you’re looking for a dispensary near Johnson and Wales University, this one’s a good choice as they offer both recreational and medical marijuana at a great price. Their final north Denver dispensary location is in Globeville. You’ll find Pure Marijuana Globeville dispensary at 505 W. 40th Avenue, just off I-25.

With over sixty strains to choose from and some of the purest, lowest priced concentrates in Denver, it’s easy to see why Pure Marijuana dispensary is quickly earning a reputation as one of the region’s best places to buy recreational and medical marijuana products. Check out the Pure Marijuana dispensary deals on Cannasaver, then stop by one of their three locations today!

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The Volcano-Hybrid Blew Our Freakin' Minds

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 23 March 2022 in Wacky Racky

Honestly, I don't know if Storz & Bickel are Genies or Geniuses. Maybe they are aliens from a parallel universe? Those lizard-people we hear conspiracy theorists whisper loudly about? What is clear, is that they are not of this world.


  • Taste
  • Ease of use
  • Bag or Whip/Hookah smoke options
  • Odor
  • Quiet-ish


  • Price
  • Portability

I don't even know where to start with this review. Nothing about this machine makes sense to me. How is every bag filled with vapor so consistently full of flavor? How can it be so smooth yet hits like you should be coughing up a lung?

After many weeks of testing I am still mind-blown. How many bags can this unit fill before the weed is spent? How do you tell when it's spent? When the effects are no longer hitting that hard? Most units it's when the weed starts tasting like burnt popcorn, which I have yet to experience that taste, even by bag #5.


What I can tell you is most of the YouTube Videos out there are showing you the wrong way to use your Volcano Hybrid. Even the Storz & Bickel manuals could use clearer words and graphics, but their customer support department kindly helped me find the right instructions online when I reached out. 

After you fill your herb chamber, screw it back onto the Volcano. Start preheating until the desired temp is reached. Wait about 5 seconds, attach the balloon bag, and hit Air. Fill the bag to the desired amount, then turn off the Air. Unscrew the fill chamber with the bag still attached. Remove the bag from the chamber and insert the mouthpiece. Then sit back and enjoy.

In the manual it says if you have lung disease, don't use this machine. For legal reasons, I understand why. I can tell you as a COPD patient, sometimes you just have to smoke to get relief nowadays. Sometimes we cannot wait 20 minutes for a tincture to kick in. On bad breathing days, one's anxiety can climb, even extremely high. If a full-on panic attack hits, your breathing gets even worse, and you want to prevent that from happening. In about 2 minutes you can do just that, with the Volcano Hybrid.

I would actually describe this unit as "medical grade" and absolutely perfect for people with lung conditions that still need to smoke for whatever reason. These people should already be aware their doctors would prefer them not to smoke, but if you are stubborn like me, wouldn't it be wiser to instruct patients about tools available to make that smoking more comfortable?

The vaporizer creates a vapor that is room-temperature and smooth. It is fairly easy on the lungs unless you are a guy who still wants to show he can take big hits (then you might end up coughing yourself silly). I take little tiny hits. I mean really tiny hits. One bag gives me 30 at that rate. For my adult son it's five or six hits. Hubby, seven or eight. 


Readers will laugh but I was curious what would happen if you used the bag system to inhale through the nose. No, please don't envision me shoving the mouthpiece up a dirty nostril. I mean, using the bag to gently push the vapors out, while inhaling nasally. Yes, some vapor escapes, so it isn’t the same experience as inhaling orally. But regardless of what some might think this method actually works. I didn't experience any nasal or sinus irritation, no coughing or sneezing either. But did I feel the effects of the medicine? You betcha biscuit I sure did! 

But what would possess me to try such a thing? Curiosity. While edibles are great for people that can’t or don't want to smoke, they’re difficult to predict and not always potent enough to feel. I often wondered if you could use the Volcano Hybrid bag system to directly blow vapor in one’s face, to indirectly medicate like you might while hotboxing, or ‘shotgunning’ the puff. Surely it’s not the best/most effective way to use the Volcano but it does work. However, a facemask attachment to the bag system would be awesome for people who need assistance in partaking. See? There is a method to my madness *sometimes*. 

The bags are extremely durable too. I have been using the same one since it arrived. They also seem impossible to pop, even when left to overfill. 

The price is on the high side, but consider the age-old adage correct in this case: you do get what you pay for. If you have to save for it, do it--you won't regret it.

Like most well thought-out products, I am always a little disappointed with packaging. I would love to see items like the Volcano delivered in a reusable carrying case rather than a disposable box. I mean, this is a cool product that would be great for parties (well, pre-covid) so an equally fabulous case with all kinds of branding would be functional and commercial. But that’s just me.

The only way I could really see this unit improving--beside facemask attachment--would be some sort of attachable chamber for ice or water. This probably wouldn't be good for the bag system as that could possibly be a moisture nightmare and potential health/mildew issue? It’s not a perfect idea; the Volcano’s vapor isn't hot to begin with, but maybe a chamber could make the vapor cooler, even frosty, if used with the Hookah tube attachment? 

Despite some confusing instructions starting out, this unit really is so easy a beginner can use it. Maybe it's the German engineering, but Storz & Bickel are so far above the competition, that giving this my Seal of Approval almost seems lame. So I've revamped my rating system: from now on, it's bronze, silver or gold. A vape on its own echelon, the first product to set that gold bar is, hands down, the Volcano Hybrid.

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Do Vape Cartridges Expire?

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 06 July 2022 in Canna Blog

Okay, scenario time, folks:

You’ve decided after smoking a particularly strong sativa that you are going to clean and organize your room. As you dig through various piles of stored away nostalgia, you come across many different marijuana vape cartridges you didn’t fully finish. Some of them are even about full. You feel like a pirate. You have, like Jack Sparrow, found lost treasure.

As you look at your current cartridge, you only have maybe one or two hits left before you’ll need to go to the dispensary. As beautiful as that sounds, the cleaning was about all you were wanting to do before chowing down on some snacks and maybe taking a nap.

You vote to might as well finish off the cartridges you have with the newly-rediscovered cannabis. After all, some of them are almost full! Nothing beats the glorious taste of a puff on some golden nectar found within vape cartridges. Absolute treasures.

But then you begin thinking, "I don’t remember the last time I bought that brand. How old are these cartridges? Can marijuana go bad? Do vape cartridges expire?"

As they say, “Nothing good lasts forever” and unfortunately, marijuana vape cartridges are no exception.

The Vape Cartridge

To give you a simple definition of a vape cartridge itself; it’s the device (plastic or glass tank with a mouthpiece) that carries cannabis oils and their properties (the fun part) into your body.

You should be aware that any little piece of this marijuana contraption, from the cannabis concentrate to the battery, is very much at risk of wearing out, failing, or “being bad”. Vape cartridges should not be looked at as a device built for longevity like pipes or bongs. Though this doesn’t mean you have to throw a cartridge away after a few uses.

Vape cartridges contain THC concentrate rather than actual marijuana buds/plant material. This means the vape cartridge will keep terpenes from evaporating and will not lose potency because of drying like with buds.

How Long Are Vape Cartridges Supposed To Last?

The best answer I can give you is that it depends on a few different factors: the size of the cartridge (half or full gram of oil), how often you are puffing on it, how well the cartridge stays together, etc.

How many puffs does a cartridge last? 

A full gram vape cartridge is supposed to last around 300 seconds of total inhale time.

So, if you are on the lighter side of smoking, for example, you take 3-second puffs. This would grant you about 100 puffs from the cartridge. 

If you proceed to use the cartridge but only once per day, the potential for you holding onto a cartridge for a much longer amount of time is very possible.

As opposed to those who use marijuana products more often, let’s say these individuals hit the device for 6 seconds, five times a day. Suddenly, that gram cartridge only lasts roughly ten days.

So, Can Vape Cartridges Expire?

If you haven’t guessed it by now, the simple and short answer is yes. 

Much like many prescription medications/foods/drinks, vape cartridges (and wax concentrates) do expire. 

However, unlike the meds/foods/drinks, vape cartridges don’t necessarily have an expiration tag or sell-by date, per se. 

Expired vape cartridges will give indications of age and overall product degradation.

When cannabis oils found in the cartridge degrade, the potency of the oil lessens. The longer you take to finish a cartridge; the weaker the effects become when using an old vape cartridge. No “high” feeling being produced when you are wanting to get high is a bit of a bummer to say the least.

Signs that your vape pen may have expired are:

  • The oil has changed color and has become sludgy in appearance. Either a dark brown or black. No longer a beautiful golden color.
  • The oil has a funky taste and is incredibly harsh. A baking-soda-left-in-the-back-of-your-fridge kind of taste.
  • The oil has no smell and, with a lack of smell, likely comes a lack of potency.

What Happens if I Smoke an Expired Vape Cartridge?

The only real consequence of smoking an expired cartridge is a lack of taste, smell, and potency of the THC. 

But, depending on how your cartridge was stored, the most disgusting thing that can happen to your vape cartridge is potentially growing mold. 

Moldy weed doesn’t exactly taste great and furthermore, inhaling mold can lead to various lung-related diseases.

The silver lining is that vape cartridges do not go bad very quickly. 

Most vape cartridges have a shelf life of about 1-2 years.  

If the cartridge’s oil is still close to the same color and there are no signs of the oil becoming a sludgy substance, you are good to go. Proper storage of the cartridge will ensure it stays better for longer.

How To Prolong the Life of Your Vape Cartridge

Here are some tips to keep those vape cartridges fresh:

Avoid Sunlight

The absolute, most important way to store a vape cartridge is to keep the device completely away from direct sunlight. Sunlight destroys cannabinoids at a chemical level.The color changes from gold to brown, leading to reduced potencies and changes the way terpenes taste or smell (not in a good way).

Keep The Temp Down, But Not Too Low

The ideal temperature for storing cannabis vape cartridges is around 70F. 

If vape cartridges are left in higher temperatures, much like with flower, it loses what makes them shine to begin with. 

You can store your carts either in a drawer or you can store them in the fridge, but do not freeze your carts. It causes a laundry list of problems to the cartridge.

An Upright Cartridge is the Happiest

One thing that many miss while attempting to expand the life of their vape cartridges is to keep the mouthpiece part facing up, vertically, when not in use. This keeps your cartridge from leaking and creating clogs in the mouthpiece.

Now, armed with knowledge, you can now decide whether that old cartridge is worth having a puff on or not. 

I'd still stay away from that cart you found under the couch cushion, though.

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1 Gram Cartridge Price

Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 in Canna Blog

So, you’ve decided to dive into the cannabis concentrate world. It’s a different experience, but a good one, nonetheless! Experienced and novice canna-consumers alike enjoy the convenience of vape pens, both in terms of health and ease of use. But what should you expect when buying a cartridge for the battery you just bought? What are typical prices you can expect to pay for those delectable marijuana cartridges, like, for example, a 1 gram cartridge?

Kick back, relax, and let me get you informed on these wonderful devices.

What is a Cannabis Cartridge?

The marijuana cartridge (pen cartridge, THC cartridge, etc.) is a device that transports cannabis oils into your body through a glass tank/mouthpiece for a maximum cannabis experience (your high). 

These devices are speedy and efficient.
This advanced style of marijuana consumption is an incredibly popular and convenient method in the cannabis industry. When attached to a battery, the device is the equivalent of a pipe and lighter combo without the combustion or amount of stuff you have to carry.

What Goes Into a THC Cartridge?

When you’re looking for a cartridge, what exactly should you be looking for? What are they made up of and just how much THC is in them?

Types of Oils

Let’s start with the types of oils you can find within THC cartridges.


CO2 is a special solvent-based cannabis oil. CO2 is seen as a natural solvent and offers a healthier alternative to butane-extracted cannabis oils.
CO2-based oils are achieved by using extremely high temperatures with high pressure. These oils require extremely specialized equipment to extract.


Distilled cannabis oils are made through the process of, you guessed it, distillation

Similar to how whiskey is made, cannabis distillation is achieved through fractional, short-path distillation. 

The process begins with raw cannabis oil and is purified through winterization and decarboxylation


Full-spectrum cannabis oils contain various cannabinoids in the oil. 

It can be a mixture of CBD, THC, CBG, THCa, THCV, etc. These kinds of oils are some of the best in terms of overall healing properties.

Different Sizes of Cannabis Cartridges and Average Pricing

Marijuana cartridges typically come in 500mg (half-gram) or 1000mg (full-gram) sizes with smaller cartridge variants coming in a disposables category. 

500 mg (half-gram) Cartridges

  • Tend to get between 60-150 puffs per lifecycle (depending on use & length of puffs)

Half-gram cartridges are the cheapest of the sizes. 500mg Cartridges range in price between $20-$40 in Colorado. 

1000 mg (full-gram) Cartridges

  • 1 gram cartridges tend to get between 150-300 puffs per lifecycle (depending on use and length of puffs)

1 gram cartridges in Colorado range in price from $40-$70.

Pricing Influences On Cartridges

There are a few reasons prices can vary when you’re looking for cartridges, whether it’s a half gram or 1 gram cartridge.


In Colorado, retail marijuana has taxation of 15%

With the addition of such a tax, expect to pay at least that much more when looking at menu prices.

Potency of Strain

The amount of THC present in the cartridge can drive prices high. Looking for potent strains? Expect to pay a little more.

Specific Brands

Certain brands can influence cartridge pricing. 

Some companies offer specialty batteries and cartridges which only work with that specific brand.

Deals on 1 Gram Cartridges in Denver

The Stone has two dispensaries locations in downtown Denver.

Current deals on cartridges are:

Herbs 4 you is located in the Capitol Hill Area.

Current deals on Cartridges include:


Also of interest, Do Vape Cartridges Expire?

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Atmos Junior Vaporizer Pen

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 13 February 2014 in Canna Blog

Junior Vaporizer Pen

The Atmos Junior Vaporizer Pen is a smaller version of the best selling Atmos Rx Vaporizer. The Atmos Junior provides the ultimate in discreet vaporization on the go. The Atmos Jr utilizes a smaller battery, heating chamber and mouthpiece.

Original Price: $114.95
Sale Price: $99.94


Vaporizer Review

* Note: You will be redirected to the seller's site when this button is clicked. Cannasaver.com is not responsible for any differences in price (or any other information) from what is posted above and the vendor site.





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