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Sanctuary Medicinals  Fruit Chews/Lozenges 20pk/$29
Sanctuary Medicinals Fruit Chews/Lozenges 20pk/$29
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Best Bowl Toppers

Best Bowl Toppers
Posted by CANNASaver on Sunday, 27 June 2021

As someone who has budtended many a dispensary and tried many types of marijuana products, there’s one little delight that might just make your next sesh “oh, so bright”. That’s right, I’ve got a little trick for those who seek something stronger when regular bowl smoking.

For many avid smokers, pure marijuana flower by itself just doesn't have the same mind-blowing effect that it had when you started. You yearn for that grand, almighty high. One of the easiest methods for boosting potency is to add bowl toppers to your favorite flower.

Bowl topping goes way, way back.

This allows you to get much more potent effects from bowl topping concentrates without getting paranoid and building too high of a tolerance.

If you haven’t tried concentrates as of yet, this is a great introduction to doing them if you choose. 

Now, I understand good quality marijuana will always scratch my sesh itch to some degree.

Marijuana flower is awesome for the quintessential stoner experience, concentrates add much higher THC concentration allowing for spacey frolicking. The art of bowl topping is about adding much more potency to your flower. Your high will be as lasting as it used to be.

So what are bowl toppers? What types of concentrates and waxes make the best bowl toppers?

You bet we’re about to find out!

What Are Bowl Toppers?

Bowl toppers are the art of adding a THC concentrate to the top of your loaded flower bowl. Some of the strongest buds in Colorado have potencies between 23-30% THC.

That said, many marijuana concentrates have been tested to be over 80% THC. Bowl topping is a popular way of raising the potency of your sesh and drawing out the length of your high.

What Can Be A Bowl Topper?

Many "cannasseurs" will tell you that by combining concentrates and actual marijuana flower, you will enjoy one of the most wonderful concoctions.

Bowl toppers add potency and flavor to anyone’s sesh.

What you end up topping your bowl with matters. Most prefer to mix marijuana buds with concentrates that are easier to work with. Though it needs to be said for beginners/occasional smokers: please smoke with some caution. No one wants to be too paranoid or anxious.

Bubble Hash

For cannabis enthusiasts who are trying to give their next session a swift kick, bubble hash is a traditional place to begin looking for bowl toppers. There isn’t anything quite as traditional and sought after as bubble hash. 

Bubble hash will hit strong and leave you feeling all the euphoria. The effects of bubble hash are based on large terpene and other cannabinoid contents.  People report that they don’t tend to experience any heavy after-effects after smoking bubble hash. 

A tiny bit of caution: if bubble hash gets too much heat, it becomes harder to put the flame out.

Just make sure to put out a rogue flame quickly. Doesn’t feel too good to get blistered by one of these flaming monstrosities. It’s best that before you begin the sesh, let a flame melt the hash into the bowl of ground flower. This will allow for even burning and getting the most of your divine mixture.

With only a pinch added to your bowl, bubble hash will definitely blast your experience into space.

Ice Wax

Ice wax produces the smoothest/cleanest hits in the marijuana market; often seen as a growers’ delight. A grand product indeed.

Ice wax can be added to any bowl by crumbling then distributing evenly so that it all melts evenly. Adding ice wax to your bowl will add between 30-50% THC potency. Just make sure you finely crumble your wax and grind up the flower for an even burn during the sesh. 

Ice wax is a product in the ranks of live resin or sauce. The product has a look of sand with a wonderful smell attached.


Often known in its history as hair straightener hash, Rosin uses the combination of pressure and high temperatures between two plates to create high potency concentrates. 

When marijuana buds are exposed to heat, they begin to turn into a sappy oil. The oil contains a  cannabinoid/terpene rich substance. Rosin shines with an amber hue in color. 

When bowl topping with this glowing delight, the sesh will result in a beautiful, full-speed, smooth kind of high with zero solvents.


For the absolutely brave and adventurous out there, distillates are a perfect candidate for topping those thirsty bowls. High THC potencies will allow for grander effects for fewer puffs when paired with your bowl buds. The combination becomes a potent punch of flavor and potency.

Bowl topping with distillates allows consumers to use less ground bud when loading bowls with the benefit of maintaining medicinal properties within.

Distillates boost THC percentages between 80-90%

With distillates being gooey in substance, adding a bit of distillate to a bowl is relatively easy to do. Though note; much like hash, don’t allow your flame to sit too long. Allow melting over the entire bowl. 

Best Deals on Bowl Toppers Near Denver

Pure has five locations within downtown Denver 

Current deals on bowl toppers include:

High West Cannabis is located in Denver

Current deals on bowl toppers are:

Rocky Mountain High has four locations around Denver

Current deals for shake include:

As we reach the end of our bowl topping adventure, did you realize there were so many toppings?! These different ways of topping your bowl allow for the best experience a stoner can get.

Clean, potent, tasty additives for amazing seshs.

No matter which primo bowl topping choice you make, you will definitely be in for some awesome times and unforgettable sessions.

As always, stay up to date with this and other great deals in marijuana and marijuana accessories at Cannasaver.com

Last modified on Wednesday, 08 February 2023
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Sanctuary Medicinals  Fruit Chews/Lozenges 20pk/$29
Sanctuary Medicinals Fruit Chews/Lozenges 20pk/$29
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