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What is Live Rosin?

CANNASaver Blog
Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 23 May 2022 in Canna Blog

Maybe you’ve heard of live rosin and wondered what it was. Simply, it is the caviar of cannabis. And, much like the food, it can also be somewhat expensive. Indeed, it may be the costliest item in many dispensaries

However, there are some excellent wax concentrate deals, including live rosin deals. So, what is live rosin? Are there good deals?? Is it worth it?

What’s the deal? Why does it cost more than other concentrates?

These are good questions that will get answered shortly.

You may have some confusion between resin and rosin. Then there’s live resin versus live rosin.

We’ll clear all that up.

Want to know what you do with it? Are you curious as to how to consume this cannabis concentrate?

Details will follow.

Finally, we’ll make getting some of this high-end weed wax for yourself easy on your bud budget.

What is Rosin?

There are many different dab waxes. There’s shatter, budder, crumble, and resin – to name a few. 

Briefly, here’s the lowdown on each.

Shatter is a glassy and brittle wax. It’s a popular choice for dabbers because it’s easy to break into small pieces. This solid is considered very pure.

Budder is opaque butane hash oil. Like table butter, this concentrate is spreadable. That makes it easy to use in joints as well as dabbing.

Aptly named, crumble is a soft wax. It too is easy to use in small bits for dabs.

Resin is a dark, sticky concentrate. It is made from dried and cured cannabis flowers. The live resin variety is made from fresh plants that haven’t been dried or cured.

So, how does rosin differ? Most other waxes use a solvent-based extraction process. However, with rosin, the extracting is done without solvent

The lack of any residual solvent, the purity, is what makes it popular. Like organic food, fans like the absence of additives. It is all-natural.

Heat and pressure on dried and cured marijuana flower are used to produce rosin. The result is a yellow, soft, and sticky solid. Depending on the amounts of heat and pressure, it can be semi-liquid.

Like some of the other dab waxes, its softness makes it pretty easy to dab.

Now, what makes the ‘live’ kind different? 

Live Rosin Versus Rosin

Both versions are made in a solvent-less manner. So, what’s the difference? The freshness of the source plants is key.

While rosin uses dried and cured cannabis, live rosin uses pot plant material that is neither dried nor cured. Both are somewhat organic, but the ‘live’ type is even purer.

 Both are made similarly. Each is akin to hash. Hash is pressed kief. The pressed plant matter is rosin.

All undergo pressure during production.

Live rosin starts with a fresh frozen cannabis crop. Freezing keeps the plants and the all-important trichomes from degrading while stored.

Next, producers wash the still-frozen cannabis in ice water. This extracts the trichomes from the flower. Then the separated trichomes are left to dry. The process results in bubble hash. 

Finally, heat and pressure are applied for the final step. Those that make their live rosin by hand often use a flat iron, also known as a straightener. The pressure and heat cause the trichomes to burst.

The oils released from the above step are filtered through a mesh. The hash oil runs onto parchment paper where it cools. It can now be used in dabbing.

So, how then does live rosin differ from live resin?

What’s the Difference Between Live Resin and Live Rosin?

If you’re buying concentrates, you want to be sure you’re getting what you’re after. Knowing the differences between waxes is important. Live resin and live rosin are distinctly different things.

Since they both have the word ‘live’ and are spelled similarly, it is easy to confuse the two. Keep in mind, though, that resin uses a solvent to process. 

Rosin does not.

The ‘live’ in both names refers to the freshness of the cannabis.

In both cases, there’s no drying or curing of the plant material before processing.

But their coloration is not the same. Live resin tends to be white or pale yellow. The other is more amber-colored. 

The consistency of both is soft. Live rosin tends to be sticky. Live resin varies in texture. Sometimes it resembles wet crystals. Other times it can be more like sap.

Experience will eventually help you spot the differences between the two waxes.

Now that you have a good idea of what live rosin is, how do you consume this concentrate?

How to Enjoy Live Rosin

Principally, this wax is dabbed.

Most marijuana waxes (concentrates) are dabbed. Dabbing uses a bong-like device with a nail instead of a bowl. The nail is heated and then the concentrate is placed on that nail where it vaporizes. Then you breathe in the vapors just like taking a bong hit.

How else could you use it?

You could put some in a pipe or bong bowl and smoke it that way. That’s not an uncommon practice.

Can you eat it? 

If they are decarbed, then waxes can be consumed orally. They must be heated until activated. Then concentrates can be mixed into food and just eaten directly.

However, when consuming cannabis you have to wait longer for the effects to kick in. Dabbing or smoking provides benefits within minutes. When used orally, there can be some immediate sublingual effects. 

But the full effects can take a half-hour to an hour for the benefits to kick in.

What’s the Deal with Live Rosin?

Live rosin is popular because of its purity. Solventless extracts are considered all-natural. 

Like all concentrates, this one is high in THC. That gives you more powerful effects than smoking straight leaf.

It is different from regular rosin in that it doesn’t use dried and cured plant matter. .it uses fresh, frozen cannabis. 

The extraction method uses ice water. Then the resulting bubble hash is heated and pressed to produce the oil.

It has a different color and consistency. Those characteristics should help you distinguish it from other waxes.

Now, as we noted it does tend to cost more than some other waxes. But here is where we can help you out.

Check some of the links below for great deals on live rosin. Then get yourself some and dab away!

Cannasaver Deals on Live Rosin

Kush Masters: 1g Rosin & Resin $70 | Denver, Colorado | Rocky Mountain High: Cannabis Station

Live Rosin $45/g OTD!!! | Denver, Colorado | Rino Supply Co.

$5 off any Live Resin or Live Rosin Concentrate or Cartridge. | Trinidad, Colorado | Elevate 6010


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