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Different Types of Wax to Smoke

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Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 21 January 2022 in Canna Blog

Consuming concentrated cannabis, also known as dabbing, continues to increase in popularity thanks to the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis use in several states. Wax dabs are a concentrated form of cannabis that comes in a variety of textures. It can be an ideal and cost-effective way to reap the benefits of cannabis so keep reading to learn more about it! 

Wax dabs can be consumed by using a dab rig (which requires a blowtorch), electronic rig, or vape pen, which vaporizes the wax in extremely high temperatures to be inhaled. Dabs are more potent than other cannabis products and can contain up to 80% THC whereas flowers typically contain 10-20% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Because of its potency, it's recommended to start slow and work your way up.

How Are Wax Dabs Made?

Wax dab concentrates can range from thick oils all the way to thin, fragile, and glass-like shatter. They are created by extracting compound-rich oils from trichomes using specific extraction processes that give different types of wax dabs their unique characteristics such as texture and appearance.

The most popular extraction method includes pouring butane over marijuana, which extracts THC from the plant and dissolves it into the butane, creating Butane Hash Oil or BHO (Dab wax falls into this category). This results in a wax-like product that contains potent levels of THC. It’s important to note that not all concentrates can be dabbed, like kief, bubble hash, and other solventless extracts

Different Types of Wax

Wax can take on many forms and each comes with its own name. Here’s a quick summary of the different wax dabs and their characteristics:


Shatter is the most popular choice when it comes to dabbing. Its appearance has a hard, glass-like texture and is brittle, hence its name. It’s typically a golden color and has a transparent composition. It can easily be broken into small pieces using a dab tool and is easy to store. Additionally, shatter one of the purest forms of concentrates available on the market. 

Check out Shatter deals here:

$12.95 Wax & Shatter - Mix & Match at Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Edgewater)

2 for $20 in house shatter at Strawberry Fields (Downieville & Dumont)

$15 1g OTD Harmony Shatter at Xclusive Cannabis (Aurora)

$14 Shatter at Organix (Breckenridge)


Similar to shatter, this type of wax dab displays a brittle consistency and easily crumbles. Again, hence its namesake.

The difference between shatter and crumble is that crumble has more air, making it fall apart easily when hit with a dab tool.

Crumble can be anywhere from a yellow to orange color and has a matte finish.

Noble Herb Crumble Shatter 3 Grams for $45

Sugar and Sauce

Sugar has the consistency of damp sugar crystals, much like a sugar scrub. Sugar can easily be picked up on a dab tool and heated on a dab or e-rig. Sugar is best stored in a () container. Similar to sugar, sauce will have a more consistent and thick texture compared to sugar. You’ll notice crystals melted within the “sauce” whereas sugar showcases a finer texture.

Here are some of our favorite deals on Sugar and Sauce wax:

Denver Dab Co. Sugar Wax 2g for $20 at Mana Supply Company Denver

$9 grams of Blaze Blend Sugar Wax at Rocky Mountain Blaze (Pueblo West)

Medical Sauce $10 a gram at Denver Kush Club

Badder/ Budder

Similar to wax, badder, or budder, is a form of butane hash oil (BHO) that has an opaque consistency.

It has an oily and softer texture and can be bright yellow to orange in color. Badder can be used in a variety of ways including in joints, blunts, and dabbed.

Its runny texture makes it easy to handle and spread on other types of cannabis products. 

Check out the best Budder deals here:

2g for $20 or $280 an ounce for Budder at La Bodega Denver

$19.06 a gram of Live Budder at The Stone Denver

4 grams Budder for $100 at South Park Farma (Commerce City)


Live resin provides a powerful, and flavorful dab experience because this type of concentrate preserves the full terpene profile of its strain. Its stick consistency makes it easier to handle than shatter and typically appears as a dark yellow color. 

Find the latest deals on resin here: 

25% off any Live Resin at Strawberry Fields (Pueblo North)

Green Dot Live Resin 8 grams for $240 at The Lodge Cannabis 

Pax Era Live Resin Pods for $47.65 at Herbs4you Denver

Cannasaver Deals on Wax Dabs

Check Cannasaver for daily deals on all types of wax dabs, we update our website with new recreational and medical deals each day!

Use our search bar to your advantage, type in your location, your favorite dispensary, or any type of cannabis product, and watch the deals appear.

We continue to partner with dispensaries nearest you in an effort to provide you with money-saving deals and discounts on thousands of cannabis products including wax and other concentrates.

With so many different types of wax to smoke and deals on concentrates, we guarantee there’s a deal waiting for you.

Last modified on Tuesday, 26 July 2022
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