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Best Weed Gifts

Best Weed Gifts
Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 01 December 2022 in Canna Blog

What do you get the stoners in your life when you’re present-hunting?

What a silly question!

You get them weed gifts, of course! 

Maybe you wanna give someone special some cannabis for Christmas. Or, perhaps you are thinking about buying a new bong for a bud’s birthday. Pot presents for your pals and loved ones are perfect for anyone mad about marijuana.

So, when would you want to get weed gifts? First, there are several commonly recognized holidays throughout the year. Second, there are even a couple of dates that are special to stoners. We’ll look at lit dates to donate flowers, vapes, or other paraphernalia.

Further, we’ll help you with a few ideas on what to get the ganja guy or girl in your life. There are all kinds of cannabis products. Many of them would make perfect tokens of your affection. Besides, they might also share some with you!

Finally, we’ll show you how to save some cash when buying stoner stuff for yourself or someone else. You may have a lot of folks to shop for, so getting in on good ganja deals will help. In fact, the ideal place to get in on amazing discounts is closer than you think!

Let’s start by discussing special dates when you might want to gift someone some weed.

What Are Good Occasions for Weed Gifts? 

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Need something dank to stuff a stoner’s stocking? 

Maybe you celebrate some other end-of-year holiday. Perhaps you wanna pick up some pot for a New Year’s Eve bring-your-own-bud-and-share party. 

Whatever you celebrate, you may want to exchange tokens of affection with loved ones.

About a quarter of the way through the year is marijuana’s own high holiday. We are taking about 4/20. That particular day in April was inspired by the old-school code “420”. 

Back in the 1970s, some tokers would get together at 4:20 in the afternoon. That time became the code word that led to the annual celebration of all things cannabis.

Then, as concentrates became more popular, a second high holiday was proclaimed. That would be 7/10 or “710”, which is “OIL” upside down. Someone likely came up with that after a righteous dab hit.

Just before the date commemorating cannabis concentrates comes July 4th. Certainly, Independence Day is a day of fun and frivolity. If you do add some smoking down to the day, you probably shouldn’t include launching fireworks. But watching them high is a definite delight.

Sharing something, like fireworks, with a friend is a gift in itself. And handing someone some hash would add even more gratitude to Thanksgiving. Holidays are just better when weed is shared.

Any day, special or not, is a good day to give someone a little ganja. But what kinds of pot products make the best gifts?

What Are Some Good Weed Gift Ideas? 

Not everyone is very creative when it comes to what to get someone else. No worries! Here are a few ideas on what to get the toker or vaper on your giving list.


It’s easy to give some grass. Buy a baggy – they come in eighths, quarters, halves, and full ounces. Or get them a preroll or, better yet, several. Some higher-end prerolls are dipped in kief. Those will cost a bit more, so be sure you really like them!

And you can get some good deals on buying buds. Ounce deals abound, so you can save some dough while giving nugs. That’s a weedy win-win!

There are even buy-one-get-one ounces. Buying bulk buds make sense if you plan on doing a lot of gifting.

Here are a few sample flower deals to consider:

FREE Select 1/8th with purchase of Mohave Reserve 1/8th Jar | Bullhead City | Debbie's Dispensary

$100.07 OUNCE of FLOWER | Denver | The Stone

$55 ounces (select) | Englewood | Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique - Federal

OZ deals starts $40 - $69 - $79 | Denver | The Lodge Cannabis - Federal Blvd

Brand New Pipe/Bong

What good is getting lettuce if you don’t have anything to smoke it with?

Pipes can be really inexpensive. They can be made out of glass, metal, or silicone. You can even find wooden ones. 

They are fairly simple. There’s a bowl, a stem, and a mouthpiece. A screen goes in the bowl. You put weed on the screen in the bowl. You light the weed and smoke.

They are basic stoner equipment, and nobody ever has enough of them. Some are elaborate and expensive. Many are pretty cheap; hence they make great gifts.

Want some pipe and paraphernalia discounts? Below are a couple for your consideration:

15% off any Paraphernalia item | Trinidad | Elevate 6010

20% OFF All Glass and Hookah Purchases Over $25 | Maricopa | The Smoker's Edge

And you can buy a piece online at shops like GrassCity:

Puff Puff Pass Hand Pipe | 4 Inch

Currently $17.99 (price subject to change)

Bongs are another great idea for bud enthusiasts. They are like bigger pipes with water in them. The water adds additional filtration for a smoother smoke.

Bongs are significantly more expensive than pipes. But the upside is they can easily be converted to dab rigs. All you gotta do is swap the bowl for a nail. Getting someone a nail for conversion to a dab rig is another potential present.

Concentrates are smoked by heating the nail and then adding wax. The concentrate immediately melts and vaporizes. Then you breathe in the powerful fumes.

Here is a good example of a bong for sale at the Smoke Cartel website:

Beaker Ice Bong

Currently $45.49 (price subject to change)

Disposable Vape or Vaporizer Cartridges

Vape pens are just incredibly convenient. They fit easily in a purse or pocket. That makes them both portable and discreet.

And they come with options. Disposable pens provide plenty of puffs and then can be tossed. 510-threaded cartridges can be used and swapped out on a favorite vaping device.

We found you some dispensary deals on vapes and carts:

Two 1000Mg Pentagon Cartridges For $50 | Dumont | Strawberry Fields - Downieville

30% Off Eureka 500mg Disposables | Arvada | Berkeley Dispensary

BOGO $1 Evolab 1000mg Disposable | Denver | Lowell Gardens

Goldwater 1000mg Cartridge $18 OTD | Lakewood | Golden Meds - Youngfield

Rolling Tray and Papers

Rolling your own doobies never goes out of style. Sure, you can buy premade joints, but a hand-rolled toking stick is something special.

For those who enjoy doing it themselves, a rolling tray and some papers are a perfect presenting idea.

Check out this RAW Rolling Tray and Papers kit on Amazon:

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RAW Rolling Tray Combo Includes Tray, 1 1/4 Rolling Papers, Original Tips, and RAW 79mm Rolling Machine and American Rolling Club Tube (Small)

Currently $13.99 (price subject to change)

Weed Wearables

Maybe someone on your gifting list would like a shirt or sweater with a marijuana leaf displayed. They just might be the type to fly their nug freak flag. You can pick up a wearable print for them.

This Etsy “Plant Manager” T-shirt is a cool idea:

Cannabis Smoker Shirt

Currently $18.78 (price subject to change)

Obviously, there are all kinds of cannabis items you can give. The only limit is your imagination!

Now, Christmas presents, and other special tokens can get expensive. Some people may want to buy for a bunch of different people. Others may just have a tight budget.

Fortunately, you can buy and save at the same time!

How Can You Save Money When Giving Weed Gifts?

Whenever you have need to buy some weed, Cannasaver is here to help! Whether you’re keeping it for yourself or giving it away, there are many deals out there to be found. The site you are on, right now, is cannabis coupon central!

You can use the search box in the upper left corner to find the kinds of dank deals you want. Beside the text box are drop-down menus that also help you refine your searches.

Note the map icon below the white rectangle. Use that to limit results to the dispensaries closest to you.

Cannasaver makes it a snap to find toking and dabbing discounts. Our site posts bud bargains for special days and throughout the year!

Let’s look at a few more bud bargains before you go!

2g RSO for $15 3:20pm to 5:20pm | Breckenridge | Organix

2 for $20 in House Wax/Shatter | Dumont | Strawberry Fields - Downieville

Four For $40 Edibles Devour Gummies, Chaos Crispies, And Chaos Fast Acting Chocolate Bar | Dumont | Strawberry Fields - Downieville

$10 off any $30+ purchase! (pre-tax) | Denver, Colorado | Lightshade - Sheridan

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