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Solvent vs Solventless

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 27 June 2022 in Canna Blog

With more and more states legalizing cannabis in all of its wonderful forms each election cycle, the industry and products themselves are evolving. One of the most exciting categories of cannabis products available now is extracts. Extracts have been around for decades, but only with the legal market have they really become the subject of intense enthusiasm.  

Those new to extracts frequently wonder what the differences are between solvent extracts and solventless extracts, as well as if there are any health concerns to consider. We’re going to take a deeper look at what defines solvent vs. solventless extracts, what makes each type unique, and if one is ultimately better than the other.

What Is The Difference In Solvent vs. Solventless Extraction?

When it comes to solvent vs. solventless extracts, the primary difference is how the extracts are made and whether that process involves any solvent. Solvent extracts require some intermediary to extract the trichomes and terpenes from the cannabis plant matter. Solventless extracts are those made without the use of any solvent or solution and require some sort of manual processing to extract the essential cannabis goodness. 

Popular Solvent Extracts

Bubble Hash

Some of the very first cannabis extracts of the modern era were made with the “universal solvent,” water, or to be more specific, ice. Also known as ice water hash, bubble hash is made by agitating frozen plant matter with ice and water, allowing the ice to break the frozen trichomes off, which are then sent through a series of screens to achieve different hash grades. The finer the mesh of the screen, the better the result. 

CO2 Oil

Many enthusiasts consider CO2 oil as clean as bubble hash. It uses supercritical CO2 to extract the trichs and terps from the plant material, so there is no petrochemical element, as well as BHO and PHO. Once the CO2 has extracted all the needed compounds, it is purged from the extract to leave a golden oil. One downside is that sometimes the terpene profile is suboptimal. 


Butane hash oil or BHO, and Propane hash oil or PHO, are highly popular and efficient ways to extract cannabis. BHO is far more popular, however. They involve using butane or propane to free the trichomes from the plant material, then subjecting the solution to a vacuum purge to remove all of the solvent. Depending on the processing specifics, BHO and PHO can result in whipped, fluffy budder, crisp & crunchy shatter, or even live resin, making it incredibly versatile. 

Full Spectrum Terp Sauce

Terp sauce is also known as “high terpene full spectrum extract,” and it is precisely that. It’s terpene-rich and provides the full concierge effect of a broad cannabinoid profile. It’s generally made using butane or propane, but it’s processed at far lower temperatures in the vacuum purge, at a much slower pace. This results in a thick sauce with “sugar” in it, which is actually crystallized cannabinoids.

Alcohol Wash Extracts

Since cannabinoids are alcohol-soluble, another popular extraction method involves using various alcohols, such as isopropyl or ethanol. Since alcohol is also a powerful solvent, this process must be done quickly to avoid leaching undesirable components like chlorophyll into the final extract. Quick-wash alcohol extracts have a very waxy texture and a much darker color than many other methods.

Popular Solventless Extracts


Rosin is one of the most recent advancements for extraction, and it has become so popular that you can now order home rosin presses online to make your own from surplus flower. It involves a pair of heated plates that press flower with thousands of pounds of pressure and a few hundred degrees of heat to liquefy and squeeze out the cannabinoids and terpenes in a sticky, oily extract that is one of the most delicious cannabis products available. Rosin can be made from THC and CBD flower to suit the consumer’s preference.


Hash is fairly rare to find in dispensaries. It is the raw trichomes and oils from physically handling cannabis flower, which is then collected and pressed into a block or ball, often with the help of heat. Sometimes harvested flower is agitated on a screen, similar to your flower grinder but much larger, to collect the kief for processing.

Are There Health & Safety Concerns With Solvent vs. Solventless Extracts?

In every legal cannabis market in the country, there are stringent testing requirements in place to ensure public safety. We’re not talking about taste testing; we’re talking about full-scale laboratory-based gas chromatography-mass spectrometry testing. Testing confirms with molecular precision whether or not there are any contaminants in the extracts that are sold in dispensaries. 

The process is simple; each production facility in each state is governed by that state’s requirements for periodic batch testing. If anything tests above pre-defined safety limits or contains any harmful volatile organic compounds leftover from extraction, the products cannot be sold. The manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure their products are aligned with state regulations and safe to consume, and in many cases, you can even get the most recent test results via their websites, so you can dab with confidence.

Solvent vs. Solventless Extracts: Which Ones Are Better?

Like most pleasures in the cannabis space, which one is better will often come down to simple personal preference. When you’re shopping around in medical or recreational markets, you’ll likely see a handful of different brands that tend to dominate the inventory. This means you’re more or less bound by what types they offer but are free to explore within those bounds.

In many areas, there has recently been a considerable movement toward more organic cannabis experiences, including a significant shift toward solventless extractions. Lab testing in legal states ensures that there are no contaminants or chemical hazards in any extracts sold to the public, so what really matters is which products you like and get the most enjoyment from. 

Now that you know the differences between them, grab a few coupons for your local dispensaries and bring home a variety to taste and experience!

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What is Live Resin Sauce?

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 23 June 2022 in Canna Blog

Diamonds and terpenes are what live resin sauce is all about. Sometimes this sticky stuff is just called ‘sauce’. So, what is it and what is all the buzz about?

Regular live resin is well-regarded for flavor and fragrance. Sauce tops that with added terpenes. So, the smells and tastes are even stronger. For some wax enthusiasts, this turbo-boosts the dabbing experience.

Stellar highs and strong benefits are why concentrates have so much appeal. But delicious dabs that produce beautiful bouquets also appeal.

While there are a lot of different cannabis concentrates out there, this one stands out. For long-time bangers and beginners alike, it offers the freshness of flower with the kick of kief.

But it may not be so simple for some. There may be considerable confusion between live resin and live resin sauce. It shouldn’t be too hard to clear that up.

Let’s take a closer look at each. We’ll cover what they are and how they are made. And we will highlight the differences.

Further, we’ll compare them with other weed waxes.

And, before, we’re done, we’ll show you how to get some at a very decent discount.

What is Live Resin?

At the root of all this is resin. It’s literally the middle word in live resin sauce. So, what is it?

Resin gets pressed like hash. Heat and pressure turn plant matter into a concentrate. That produces a sticky, golden-brown sap. 

What, then, is the ‘live’ variety? It’s made with uncured, fresh, frozen plants. This preserves essential terpenes and enhances sensory enjoyment. That means fuller fragrance and maximized flavor.

How Is Live Resin Made?

This gourmet ganja comes from harvested cannabis that is immediately iced. Thus, freshness is locked in. And the freeze is maintained throughout the extraction process. Extracting is done using a solvent, such as butane, which is then vaporized off. 

The result of the above process is an amber extract. It is somewhat granular like sugar. The consistency is soft and malleable. 

So, then, what’s the deal with live sauce?

What is Live Resin Sauce?

Terp sauce is another way to refer to this gooey wax. And it shares much in common with regular live resin. 

Both kinds are prized for flavorful hits and powerful effects. And the extraction process is much the same.

How is Live Resin Sauce Made?

Either variety is processed using solvents. Common extraction solvents include butane and ethanol. Also commonly used is propane and supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2). 

With sauce, terpenes and cannabinoids are separated under pressure. This leaves the final product with a non-uniform consistency. It looks like crystals of cannabis awash in an amber liquid. That liquid is the terpene juice leftover from the extraction.

Despite similar manufacture, the end result of each is decidedly different.

How Do They Differ?

Yes, both kinds of resin use fresh, frozen flower to start. And, sure, they undergo a similar extraction process. However, these two concentrates are distinctive. How are they unique?

There is an obvious visual difference. Live resin is crystalline. Sauce has crystals, or diamonds, in a syrup, hence its name.

But there are more unique properties that make the gooey ganja stand out. 

Smell and flavor are a couple of ways that terp juice is extraordinary. The presence of boosted terpenes increases aroma and tastiness. Opening a jar of this stuff is a very sensory experience. The bouquet is intense. Likewise, smoking or dabbing some of this wet wax is exceptionally flavorful.

Terpenes can enhance the effects of cannabis. For example, the terpene myrcene is somewhat sedating. Therefore, it would make an indica more relaxing. Another terpene, caryophyllene, works with cannabinoids that reduce pain and inflammation. Consequently, more terpenes mean more boosting of the benefits.

That’s where sauce shines!

The only difference in dabbing involves consistency. Runnier concentrates necessitate tools with scoops or paddles. The pick end of a dab wand wouldn’t work as well.

Otherwise, it works the way any of the other concentrates do. You preheat the nail of your rig with a torch. Then you use the dab tool to scoop up some concentrate. You then touch the concentrate to the hot nail. And then you breathe in the vaporized cannabinoids and terpenes through the mouthpiece.

With sauce, you’re pretty much pouring it onto the nail.

So, how else does this live wax compare to other kinds of concentrates?

Other Types of Wax Concentrates

If you’re new to concentrates then you might want to try other types as well. What are they?

The most popular wax is shatter. It’s like brittle glass. Dabbers like it because pieces break off easily.

Budder or badder is a form of butane hash oil. It is a fluffier wax because it has air mixed in during processing. 

Crumble is similar to budder. It has a very dry, soft, flaky consistency. 

Rosin and live rosin are solventless concentrates. They are made with heat and pressure solely. Anything ‘live’ utilizes fresh frozen cannabis in production.

And we’ve already covered the various resins.

What sets live resin sauce apart is the intensity of flavor and aroma. That’s why it’s becoming an increasingly popular wax to dab. Many of the above waxes have strong effects. They’re concentrated and that’s what they are all about. But the extra terpenes in terp sauce boost the taste and aroma above the others.

Now comes the best part: finding out how and where you can get the best deals.

Live Resin and Live Resin Sauce Deals on Cannasaver

It’s easy on Cannasaver to find super savings on live resin sauce – or anything else you’re looking to smoke, vape, or dab. 

For instance, just type ‘live resin‘ or ‘sauce‘ into the search bar at the top. Or search by category, such as concentrates. You can even add your location to refine the results.

The rest is up to you. If you want to give this gooey ganja a try – and save some dough at the same time – search. You’ll probably find some fabulous deals.

To get you started, here are a few links to consider:

REC $17.99 G of LIVE RESIN / SAUCE , 4 G Bucket's $64 OTD

2g for $55 | Live Resin

MED Live Resin / Sauce $12 a Gram OTD. 4 grams Mix and Match $38 ($9.50 a gram)

Viola Premium Live Resin $39.55 Per Gram

2g for $55 | Live Resin

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Budder vs Shatter

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 03 June 2021 in Canna Blog

Budder and shatter are both forms of cannabis concentrates. Budder and Shatter are two common concentrates, but others include live resin, wax, or sap. 

Cannabis concentrates are made by chemically extracting the beneficial cannabis compounds from the marijuana flower, like the cannabinoids and terpenes. As such, they tend to have much higher THC concentrations (anywhere from 80% to 100% THC) than traditional marijuana, which hovers around 15% to 20% THC depending on the strain. Essentially, cannabis concentrates are a pure, isolated form of all the great stuff within marijuana.

The high THC concentration also means that you have to smoke a lot less product to get the beneficial effects, which can be better for your wallet and your overall health in the long run.

Concentrate Extraction Methods

Extraction methods for cannabis concentrates vary, however they can generally be grouped into 2 major umbrellas: solvent-based and non-solvent-based.

Thinking back to high-school chemistry, a solvent is a substance or chemical that will dissolve a solid, leaving a liquid solution. In the cannabis world, common solvents used to create concentrates are butane, propane, carbon dioxide, or alcohol

On the other hand, solventless extraction techniques, of which there are many, do not rely on any solvent. As a result, the final product is extremely pure, and many users report enjoying solventless concentrates more. However, these products tend to be much more expensive, and both major extraction methods have been studied extensively to ensure they’re both safe to the user.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is one of the most popular forms of cannabis concentrate. It is traditionally made using butane as a solvent to separate a marijuana plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes from the actual plant. From there, the extracted chemicals are processed into a hard, brittle, amber-color material that is known as Shatter. Shatter gets its name from the fact that it is easily breakable. Shatter concentrates have extremely high THC amounts that vary depending on cannabis strains used and extraction techniques, but generally are at least 85% THC.

What is Budder?

Budder, often also called wax, is another form of cannabis concentrate. It is also traditionally made with butane as a solvent. However, unlike Shatter, which is hard and brittle, Budder, in its final form, has a softer and creamier consistency. This means that Budder can be much easier to work with than harder forms of cannabis concentrate. However, since it's a softer material, Budder degrades more quickly and loses its potency faster than harder concentrates.

Budder vs Shatter


Budder and Shatter share a lot of key similarities. Both are traditionally made by using butane as a solvent and therefore fall under the umbrella of being called a butane hash oil (BHO).

Additionally, both budder and shatter have extremely high THC concentrations. They also generally tend to cost the same amount and are much more cost-efficient than compared to traditional marijuana.

Right now through Cannasaver, you can get 4 grams of budder and/or shatter for only $38 at any Golden Meds dispensary in Colorado.

In comparison, to get the same amount of THC from traditional flower, you’d be looking at buying ¾ oz, which will cost close to double.


There are a few key differences when comparing budder vs. shatter.

For one, shatter is a much harder, brittle material than budder, which is traditionally softer and creamier.

Additionally, many people find shatter more visually appealing than budder, since Shatter is a shinier amber, whereas budder tends to be a duller color.

Lastly, Shatter will keep its potency longer than Budder. Since Budder is a softer material, it isn’t as stable as harder concentrates and will degrade more quickly.

Shatter can keep its potency for months and even years, whereas you will want to use your budder more quickly. 

How to Consume Budder vs. Shatter

There are a plethora of different ways that you can consume budder and shatter. A very common way is to use a dab rig or other vaporizing device.

If you prefer, you can also break off pieces of budder or shatter to put inside a joint or blunt when smoking.

Lastly, you can also use budder and shatter inside edibles, if that’s your preferred way of consuming marijuana.


Both budder and shatter have been growing in popularity recently for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, with recreational marijuana being legalized in more states every year, the market for all things cannabis will continue to grow.

Additionally, cannabis extracts have been growing in popularity when compared to traditional marijuana. When smoked, budder and shatter have a much more muted smell than traditional marijuana, which lends well to users who prefer to partake in the comfort of their own homes.

There’s also a growing school of thought that concentrates are “healthier” than traditional flower. Not only do you have to smoke less to receive the beneficial effects, which can be good for those with sensitive lungs, but you are smoking pure THC, CBD, and terpenes.

Lastly, since concentrates are generally cheaper and keep their potency longer than traditional flower, they are a great choice for the budget-conscious cannabis user. 

Price Differences & Deals

Both budder, often also called wax, and shatter will generally cost you about the same amount.

As such, there’s no real price difference between the two, and whichever type you pick is simply down to personal preference.

Per gram, you’ll generally be looking to spend between $20 and $30, with a lower per-gram price the more you buy. Some people like budder more because it’s softer and more forgiving, whereas others may prefer shatter because of its long shelf life and beautiful amber color.

No matter whether you’re looking into trying budder or shatter out for the first time or are a seasoned user, Cannasaver has partnered with dispensaries to offer you great deals.

One deal that’s particularly great for someone just looking to get started is a $12.95 gram of either Budder or Shatter at all Pure Dispensaries in Colorado.

If you’re a more seasoned user, you might be interested in 8 grams of top-shelf wax or shatter for $99 at The Lodge Cannabis in Denver.

No matter whether you’re interested in budder, shatter, edibles, pre-rolls, or pure flower, Cannasaver is sure to offer fantastic deals for everyone.

Click here to explore our current offerings with participating dispensaries, and happy blazing!

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