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The Best Weed Deals in San Diego

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 18 August 2021 in Canna Blog

Cannasaver in San Diego

San Diego's recreational marijuana community is thriving with a myriad of top-notch dispensaries. The competitive landscape means many of these establishments offer enticing deals on both marijuana buds and edibles to capture your attention. Whether you're exploring dispensaries in the heart of the San Diego Gaslamp District or seeking delivery services, you'll come across numerous offers, from first time patient (FTP) & customer deals to daily specials. First-time shoppers often benefit from the best dispensary deals, but with a bit of research, there's a deal for nearly every cannabis product you desire. For those keen on spotting the best marijuana prices and promotions in San Diego, Cannasaver stands out. Rooted in Denver, this pioneering platform specializes in cannabis deals. Stay updated with our Cannabis News section or sign up for fresh deals, ensuring you always snag the most marijuana discounts in San Diego. Here's our selection of top dispensary deals in San Diego.

Best San Diego Dispensary Deals on Weed

Golden State Greens just south of San Diego's Mission Bay has a 25% off wax deal going on right now. Harbor Collective also has a nice little happy hour deal going on, where you can get 10% off your purchases plus some other rotating weed, cartriduge, and edible deals. Harbor Collective is a recreational marijuana dispensary in the Gaslamp District. 

Free Marijuana in San Diego

Some San Diego dispensaries are enticing first-time customers with crazy discounts, from 40% off marijuana on your first few visits and more. Not quite free, but almost, right? You can also get a nice first-time order deal from weed delivery company Kurvana, currently offering 15% off. Veterans also get this deal!

More San Diego Dispensary Deals

These are by no means the only San Diego dispensary deals. You can find many more marijuana deals like these on CannaSaver. Looking for edibles deals? We got that. How about a good deal on a gram of weed? Yup. Need a deal on an ounce? Look no further. To consistently nab the most attractive cannabis rates in San Diego, stay abreast with the latest dispensary offers via CannaSaver - your go-to guide.

Enjoy a little elevation at sea level, San Diego!

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Dispensary Open Till 8 pm

Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 01 December 2020 in Canna Blog - Latest News

Traveling to Colorado and have a late flight getting into Denver International Airport? Or perhaps the day got away from you before you were able to notice you were out of weed and now you’re looking for a dispensary still open? Maybe you work late hours and sleep all day, so the hours in which you can buy marijuana are different than for others?

No matter the situation, we know the feeling.

The good news is that you’re going to find more than one dispensary open till 8 pm, or even later, in most cases. Yes, most dispensaries (not all) are open later than 8 pm, so you have plenty of time to grab more weed – no matter the situation. 

Later Hours for Denver Dispensaries

A few years ago, the Denver City Council approved a measure that allows dispensaries in Denver city limits to stay open until 10:00 pm. Since then, Colorado marijuana tourists and “cannaisseurs” alike have had a lot more options for where to buy weed late at night. 

We do have to say, though, that whatever the listed closing time is, they usually have to make their last sale before that time. So, in order to follow that guideline, they stop accepting new customers 15 minutes before their closing time. So you’ll want to keep in mind to show up at least 15 minutes before any stated closing time.

Knowing that, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best dispensaries that are open late. All of the dispensaries in this list are open till at least 8 pm, if not later. 

It's also good to note that there is no such thing as a 24 hour dispensary in Colorado, as Colorado regulations rule against having such a thing at this time.

Dispensaries Open Late in Colorado

Each of these dispensaries is not just another dispensary open till 8 pm. This isn’t a review, so we’ve already picked our dispensaries based on the quality of the store. Each of the following dispensaries on this list is known for consistent products, friendly, welcoming customer service, and cannabis expertise.

So, that being said, we’ll list each dispensary with the hours of operation, location, as well as a few good cannabis deals you can expect during those hours.

The Stone Dispensary

The Stone Dispensary is open every day from 10 am to 9:50 pm. It is located on the western side of Denver, near Lakewood (4820 Morrison Rd, Denver, CO 80219). This location is a bit far from the airport, but if you’re a local and looking for some good bud before bed, The Stone is a great choice. 

This dispensary has some great deals, including an ounce of flower for $67.51, Cheech’s Stash joints, which are 1.2 g of weed, for $6.35, and distillate syringes (1000 mg) for $15.89. They probably have the largest selection of everyday deals at their dispensary, so it’s worth checking out – no matter what time.

The Lodge Cannabis (All Locations)

The Lodge Cannabis is open from 10 am to 10 pm daily. The Lodge Cannabis dispensary has two locations – one that’s very close to Interstate 70 just north of the RiNo area (High Street). This location is most optimal for those arriving from the airport, as i-70 goes straight to Denver from the airport’s direction. The other location is on the southwest side of Denver (Federal Boulevard). This location is actually easy to get to as well, being just west of Interstate 25, which runs north and south through Denver.

The Lodge has a wide variety of coupons and deals that will help you save on cannabis and weed products. If edibles are your jam, they have BOGO 50% off all edibles, all the time. They offer 8 grams of live resin, from Summit concentrates, for $170. Speaking of concentrates, they also have 8 grams of champagne wax/shatter for $130. 

Rocky Mountain High Dispensary (Only Downtown Locations)

The Rocky Mountain High Dispensary has a few locations, but the ones downtown (Wazee St and 20th St) are the two locations that have later hours. Since Friday and Saturday are days that people stay downtown longer, they’re both open from 11 am to 10 pm on those days. All other days, these downtown locations are open until 9 pm

The Wazee Street location is located in the heart of downtown, known as LoDo (Lower Downtown). The other downtown location is off 20th Street, which is technically LoDo still, but further south and east. You’ll recognize it as the “Cannabis Station” (technically still Rocky Mountain High).

These dispensaries have fewer deals, but still great. However, they’re deals that are only during specific times of the day or week. They have a Wellness Wednesday deal, which gives you 20% off all CBD products and a few Mix ‘n’ Match pre-roll deals for $20. Some edibles are BOGO ½ off and they’re also offering 2 grams of premium live resin for $55. If you’re already in the downtown area, definitely stop by and see them.

Pure Marijuana Dispensary (All Locations)

No matter the location, Pure Marijuana Dispensary is open till 10 pm. They have 4 locations around the Denver area. They have one location right off of Interstate 70, which is most optimal for those arriving from the airport, another off of Colfax Avenue east of downtown, one closer to downtown in the Capitol Hill area, and lastly, one location near Sloan’s Lake, on the west side of Denver.

Pure Marijuana Dispensary is always holding good weed deals, no matter the time of day or week you go and visit (or location). However, on Wednesdays, they offer a, “Buy Any One Thing, Get One Half Off” deal. The minimum amount with that deal is $50. Distillate cartridges (500mg) are $10 when you spend $30 and Sunday you can get a half ounce of flower for $55.

If you’re into concentrates, they have a Mix ‘n’ match wax & shatter deal, for $12.95.

Mile High Green Cross

Mile High Green Cross is a dispensary open till 8 pm. However, you’ll want to get there at least 15 minutes beforehand, to give them time to let you in and serve you. Their regular hours are Monday through Sunday, 9 am till 8 pm. There is only one location, which is easy to get to, no matter where you are coming from, which is on South Broadway

They don’t have a large selection of coupons and deals on Cannasaver, but their prices are always good and they have a killer rewards program. They have an all-bud (really good bud) full ounce deal for $78.63 (pre-tax). They also offer a 4-gram bucket of wax for $38.92 (pre-tax).

Medicine Man Dispensary (All Locations)

Medicine Man Dispensary is open daily, from 8 am to 10 pm. They have a few locations, but only one near the Denver area (and also conveniently located near Interstate 70, for all you airport arrivals). Technically in the Northfield/Montbello area, just northeast of downtown, this is a prime location for everyone driving to and from Denver. Their prices are also a good reason to get off of I-70.

As far as deals go, they have a lot of in-store specials and even an awesome rewards program, but only a few deals to choose from on Cannasaver. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check them out, though, as we’re sure you’ll get a great deal no matter what. If you’re looking for concentrate, they do have some specials with 710 Labs, which is a great product.

Mary Jane’s House

Mary Jane’s House Dispensary is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm. It’s also conveniently located near I-70 and the airport, northeast of downtown Denver. Open later than 8 pm, this dispensary is perfect for the out-of-towners that are getting into Denver with a late flight (seeing a trend here?. Or if you find yourself having some fun in Northfield, this is a great pit stop before heading back home.

You’ll find a wide selection of products and awesome specials with all things cannabis at Mary Jane’s House. They have everyday deals on edibles, tinctures, and flower. If you’re getting off the plane but looking to “take off” again, this is your place.

Of course, we’d like to list so many other dispensaries that are open late, but there are a lot, as almost every dispensary is open till 8 pm or later. For more featured stores, check out our site and see what each store has to offer, even into the night hours.


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Best Concentrates in Colorado

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 27 January 2021 in Canna Blog

Sometimes flower just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you’ve built up a tolerance, or maybe you’re just looking for a better high. Good thing for concentrates. These are the best concentrates in Denver.

What are Concentrates?        

Whether you're a first-time or experienced dabber, you might still be wondering exactly what concentrates are. Deciding what concentrate to choose and knowing how to use it properly takes a little background knowledge.

Concentrates are where you isolate the most desirable parts of the cannabis plant through a process of heat and extraction. Basically, concentrates are the best part of marijuana in a convenient package. Scientifically, it’s a bit more complicated. Suffice it to say concentrates will get you higher than the average flower.

Types of Concentrates

         Concentrates come in a variety of forms:

·         Live Resin

·         Shatter

·         Wax

·         Budder

·         Crystalline (Diamonds)

Though there are many different types of concentrates, they are essentially all the same product—extracted, compounded marijuana oils. They are named differently based on the consistency, density, and texture of the end product, as well as differences in how the concentrates are prepared.

How are Concentrates Used?

Some concentrates can be used topically or taken orally, while others are used in a vaporizer commonly known as a vape pen. Dabbing is also popular. This is the process of heating up a small amount of concentrate such as live resin with a device called a dab rig, and inhaling the vapors.

Think heating up a drop of hash on a penknife and breathing in the smoke—same basic concept, only now you can buy an actual factory-made contraption for this. Concentrates can also be cooked into edibles, or you can go the old-fashioned route and top off a bowl of ordinary flower to give it an extra kick. 

Live Resin

Live resin is simply cannabis oil that has been extracted from fresh flowers that have been freeze-dried rather than air-dried and cured the typical way. This produces a different flavor in the resin, imparting a more aromatic and floral bouquet. Live resin is usually somewhat gooey in consistency and typically has a higher terpene content.


Shatter is heat extracted or chemically extracted cannabis oil that has hardened into a glasslike substance that's usually amber colored and mostly transparent. When it's heated, it becomes a viscous liquid similar to thickened honey. Shatter can be relatively inexpensive, with deals as low as 15 dollars a gram.


Wax refers to concentrated marijuana oil that has been extracted--often with butane or other chemicals—to produce a thick, oily, and wax-like substance that can be smoked or vaporized. Unlike shatter which is see-through and hard, wax is soft and opaque.


Like the other concentrates, budder is extracted from flower to make a more potent product. Unlike wax or shatter, budder has the consistency of, well, butter. It’s a type of hash oil that can be up to 70 percent THC.


Also known as dust or diamonds, crystalline is concentrated THCA that comes in a solid form. Think kief. Crystalline often has little flavor because of the relatively low amount of terpenes but makes up for that lack of potency.

The Best of the Best Concentrates

Colorado is home to some of the best, award-winning concentrate companies in America. Recreational weed use has been legal in Colorado since 2012, allowing local businesses to branch out and perfect their extraction techniques. The use of concentrates by stoners continues to grow as time goes by.

Here are some extraction experts that make some of the best concentrates you can find in Colorado:

·         Green Dot Labs, based in Boulder, makes some of the best live resin in Colorado. Deals on their live resin can be found here.

·         Sano Gardens, based in Commerce City, specializes in cannabis extraction. Their live resin is popular among Coloradoans.

·         710 Labs makes some of the best concentrates for both Colorado and California.

·         VIOLA is a marijuana company started by former NBA player Al Harrington. Their concentrates can be found in dispensaries across Colorado.

·         Nomad Extracts make their concentrates from Colorado-grown cannabis. They’ve won awards for both their wax and shatter, among others. You can find their platinum wax for 30 dollars a gram at dispensaries in the Denver-metro area.

·         Lazercat Cannabis are Colorado-based growers and extractors. Their live rosin is a premium concentrate.

·         Kush Masters is an extraction company “nested in a log cabin next to Boulder’s Flatiron mountains.” You can get eight grams of their wax for 120 dollars in Denver.

Where to Find Concentrates in Colorado

         Most local dispensaries will have plenty of choices when it comes to concentrates. A budtender is always willing to help or answer any questions one might have. We’ve put together a list of some Colorado dispensaries that have great deals on concentrates:

·         The Lodge Cannabis has locations on Federal Blvd and High Street. There’s currently a deal for two grams of Green Dot live resin for 90 dollars or four grams of wax for 70 dollars.

·         Pure Marijuana Dispensary has five locations across the Denver-metro area. You can find deals on cartridges, wax, and shatter (among many others) at any location.

·         The Stone Dispensary, located in Denver, has a wide variety of concentrate deals for the frugal stoner. The previously-mentioned Kush Masters live resin is 24 dollars OTD per gram. There’s also a deal on all brands of wax or shatter.

·         Mary Jane’s House is located on Quentin Street just a little outside of Denver. They have deals on wax right now for just 27 dollars for two grams.

Which Concentrate is Right for Me?

The first time trying concentrates can be confusing. There are a ton of choices, but only you are going to know which is best for you. Trial and error, so to speak. No shame in trying them all.

Looking for More?

There are tons of places to buy concentrates or other marijuana products in Colorado. Cannasaver can be a fantastic tool for finding the right wax, live resin, or any other concentrate for you. 

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Best Edibles In Denver

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 26 March 2021 in Canna Blog

There are a few good reasons you’re probably looking for the best edibles in Denver. For whichever reason that is, we don’t blame you. Edibles are tasty, they’re a healthier way of getting high, they don’t smell like weed (as potent as bud), and they’re efficient

So, whether you’re only visiting Colorado for a small period of time, or you’re a local and just new to the edibles world, here are some of the best edibles and THC-infused beverages that Denver has to offer. Just remember to use marijuana edibles and beverages in moderation and follow recommended dosing instructions and guidelines, as they could take a while to kick in.

Best Marijuana Edibles in Denver

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with almost any edible, and everyone has their own preference on taste, consistency, etc. That being said, there’s a reason you’ll find certain edibles at almost any dispensary in Denver (or Colorado, in general).

Wana (Brands)

Wana Brands is one of the better-known brands when it comes to edibles. In Colorado, they have a good variety of products, including:

  • Fast-acting gummies (4 varieties and flavors)

  • Quick tinctures (2 varieties, a 1:1 CBD/THC and a 10:1 CBD/THC)

  • Sour gummies (10 different varieties and flavors)

  • Tart candies (3 different varieties and flavors)

  • CBD-only gummies ( 12 different varieties and flavors)

What we love about these edibles is that they taste great, they have the traditional, sugar-sprinkled gummy, and they have a soft, tender consistency. You don’t have to bite down super hard and they’re almost always in stock, because of “high” demand (see what I did there?). You’re likely to find Wana almost everywhere.

Coda (Signature)

Okay, Coda is really starting to catch fire with how awesome their edibles (and tinctures, for that matter) are. Depending on what type of activity you’re looking to do, there is a tasty treat for you. They feature a few different edibles, like:

  • Truffles (made with South American cacao)

  • Gummies (7 different varieties and exotic flavors, like, lychee/cucumber, mango/chile lime, etc.)

  • Chocolate bars (7 different varieties and exotic flavors, like caramel/corn, snap pea/spice, coffee/doughnuts, etc.)

These edibles are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and naturally and ethically sourced. They’re probably one of the most “exotic” edibles when it comes to taste and flavor. You also have a wide variety of mg THC you can choose from, from 5 mg to 25 mg per package. My mouth is watering just thinking of these edibles. 


Wyld (Canna) is an edible company that comes from the Pacific Northwest, and really does a good job of representing everything we love about that area of the nation, in its packaging and product. Great branding, made for the active stoner and lifestyle, all-natural, real fruit, perfect for sharing, vibrant colors, ok, we’re done. They have really tasty products, like:

  • Gummies (7 different varieties and flavors)

  • (White) Chocolates (3 different varieties and flavors)

They may seem like any other edible company/product, but what sets them apart is the feeling you get when you eat them. Duh, it’s a high one, but it’s super clean. It feels natural. It feels subtle. It feels right. It feels….WYLD. My personal favorites are the Elderberry THC: CBN ones that have dark, midnight blue packaging. It’s like if you were tucked into bed, read your favorite bedtime story, and kissed on the cheek by your mom or something. Oh, and they are soft and they taste amazing. 


1906 is changing the game when it comes to edibles, in the sense that there’s something for everyone, every sort of mood, every sort of variety. It’s in the ingredients that pair with the CBD/THC. Let us explain.

Need help with that essay? There’s an edible for that. Like, specifically. Need help going to sleep? Yep, one for that, too, with the help of corydalis (an herbal ingredient, used in Chinese medicine). Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Genius - A pill-like edible, with herbal ingredients, caffeine, and THC that help you write like 12 pages for that paper due tomorrow at midnight.

  • Midnight - A chocolate edible, for when you’ve turned in that paper and now you wanna go “night night.”

  • Go - A chocolate edible blend, perfect for getting shit done, out and about, etc. A bit different from “Genius” kinda like that coffee blend you go for when you’re in this mode.

  • Love - Little chocolate candies that are perfect for feeling those sensual, love-enhancing vibes (no, it’s not going to work like Viagra).

  • Chill - A dark chocolate blend of herbal ingredients, CBD, THC, for that time after work, after a long day, to calm yourself (L-theanine, magnolia, etc)

  • Bliss - Going to a social event but not feeling social? This helps promote being bubbly and extroverted. They’re chocolate peanut butter cups with theobromine in them. Blissful.

Happy Chews

Happy Chews seriously are the closest thing I’ve ever gotten to a Starburst-like consistency and flavor. Almost identical, really, only with THC, so maybe actually better. There’s not a ton of variety in products, but they know what they’re doing and they do it right.

  • Taffy - Again, kinda like Starbursts (3 different flavors and varieties)

They’re so tasty, think of like a Laffy Taffy meets Starburst, but then you keep laughing ‘cuz you’re high now. Happy Chews. They come in 100 mg packages.

There are a few other edibles worth mentioning, like Ripple, Blue Kudu (now Curaleaf), Incredibles, and a few of these edible companies include beverages, too, to mix things up. Companies like Wana actually include “mocktails” you can make with tinctures and beverages they provide!

Marijuana Beverages

Marijuana beverages aren't as popular or as well-known as the pot brownie or good ol’ fashioned bong rip, but they're delicious, different, and definitely one of the most unique offerings you'll find at our Denver dispensaries

Marijuana drinks also called cannabis beverages or THC-infused beverages, are cannabis-enhanced drinks that will get you high while quenching your thirst. 

Like other varieties of edibles, marijuana beverages are a great choice for marijuana tourists, as they don't smell and you can discreetly enjoy them just about anywhere. 

The variety of marijuana drinks is vast, so we've highlighted some of the best cannabis beverages that you'll definitely want to try when you travel to Denver, and don’t forget to check out the marijuana edibles deals on CannaSaver before you hit the dispensary. 

Marijuana beverages are one of those must-try 420 novelty items every Denver traveler on a marijuana tour should experience. 

There are many brands to choose from, and varieties range from sodas to teas to punches and even coffees.


One of our favorite brands is CannaPunch, a non-carbonated cannabis-infused beverage that comes in refreshingly fruity flavors like Watermelon Nectar and Juicy Grape. 

The punch is made with organic ingredients and is 100% vegan, making it a good choice for the health-conscious Denver 420 traveler. 

CannaPunch also makes a product called Mota Energy Citrus Blast, a citrus-flavored, cannabis-infused, caffeine-enriched energy shot that will give you a heavy buzz without weighing you down. There’s also a popular flavor, Black Cherry Fusion, which you can find in our list of edibles.

Many edibles make you drowsy, and these energy shots are a good alternative if you want to get a good high and also stay awake to enjoy it. You can pick up some CannaPunch at many Denver dispensaries.

Dixie Elixirs

Another marijuana beverage line to try is Dixie Elixirs. They offer fruity, fun, THC-infused marijuana beverages in flavors such as Watermelon Cream, Sparkling Pomegranate, Sparkling Blueberry, Peach Iced Tea, and their limited edition Wild Berry Lemonade. Each bottle contains a total of 90 mg THC, with a 5 mg recommended serving size. Dixie Elixirs are great for marijuana tourists and Denver travelers from out of state who aren't experienced with THC-infused beverages. Each bottle features a dosing cap so you can easily measure out the recommended amount without having to do any guesswork. In addition to their fruity soda line, Dixie Elixirs also makes a beverage, especially for coffee-lovers. If you're looking for coffee in Denver and some cannabis to go with it, check out Dixie's Mint Coffee Lift. In addition to THC, coffee, and a touch of mint flavor, Mint Coffee Lift also contains Quercetin, Resveratrol, and D-Ribose, three ingredients reputed to help improve cellular metabolism. MMJ America offers 35% off Dixie Elixirs and all other marijuana beverages every Thursday.

Keef Cola

Colorado-based company Keef Cola makes a wide range of edibles, but it's their sodas that have made them famous among Colorado pot enthusiasts and Denver marijuana tourism travelers alike. Each soda contains 10 mg of THC, and the flavors are named for the cannabis strain with which they are made. 

Varieties include:

  • Blue Dream

  • Flo

  • Cherry Bomb

  • Orange Kush

  • Bubba Kush Root Beer

Other Marijuana Edibles to Try

Marijuana beverages are but one of many marijuana edibles products you can find at recreational dispensaries in Denver. There are also chocolates, gummies, pastries, granolas, snack mixes, cookies, candies, mints, and more—and we're just scratching the surface here. We'll cover some of those other edibles in future blog posts, but to really see what all is out there, you'll just have to travel to Denver, visit our dispensaries, and see for yourself. 

You'll likely say what many marijuana tourism seekers say when they first step into a well-stocked recreational dispensary: “I feel like a kid in a candy store!” 

When you see the countless sparkling jars of beautiful buds and the plethora of candies, marijuana beverages, and other incredible edibles, you'll know exactly what they mean.

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Holy Guacamole! Our first color-contest (May/June '22 Edition) was a big hit, and we want to thank everyone who submitted entries! Although it was a difficult choice, our cover artist, Justin Redmon, has narrowed down the winners and runners up below (we've also included our staff favorites). Congratulations to all of you for retaining your artistic coloring skills even late into adulthood!


First Place: Jean Wohlf
Runner Up: Rachel Harbour
Honorable Mention: James (age 39)



Finalists & Staff Favorites:







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Does Weed Make Sex Better?

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 05 February 2021 in Canna Blog

Some smoke to take a little off the edge while others smoke to “amp” them up. For most people, weed helps to enhance whatever they’re doing, feeling, eating, etc. It seems that music sounds better, food tastes better, and overall experiences are better when you’re stoned. But does weed make sex better?

Although a general consensus regarding marijuana and sex has yet to emerge, if you know how to do it right, marijuana can definitely enhance your sex life in many ways. Lusty stoners everywhere have a long history of pairing marijuana consumption and sex, and many with great results. 

From reducing stress, increasing libido, lowering inhibitions, and even prolonging one’s staying power, marijuana offers many benefits to those who are looking for ways to improve their sex lives. 

Here’s how to use marijuana to enhance your sex life and how to avoid the pitfalls of marijuana consumption that can actually inhibit your sexual desire.

How Marijuana Makes Sex Better

Ever had that awkward moment with a partner – maybe it was the first time you were about to have sex – and you just needed to relax a bit to get in the mood? Or perhaps the mood just felt awkward and you were both looking to change that?

No? Just me? Okay, noted.

While some may turn to alcohol to take that edge off, there is a better, healthier (and safer) way of doing so – turn to weed.

By smoking just the right amount of marijuana prior to sex, stress levels decline and mundane thoughts more easily drift away, giving you much more headspace to devote to the intimacy, magic, and pleasure of sex. 

When we’re thinking about work, or chores, or bills that need to be paid, it’s hard to turn the brain off or to even contemplate something as fun and exciting as sex. Indulging in marijuana before sex will clear your mind and invite more pleasant, blissful thoughts to develop.

Marijuana can also enhance sex by lowering one’s inhibitions. We sometimes automatically reject the notion of trying something new, or perhaps we feel a bit shy when faced with the prospect of getting exactly what we want--whatever the reason, such inhibitions can stand in the way of having a good time. 

Marijuana can help you to loosen up and put fears, insecurities, and preconceived notions aside. 

Mixing marijuana and sex can help open your mind to new experiences and discoveries that may bring a lot more pleasure to your life.

Marijuana can even potentially increase your staying power, helping to prolong the moment of climax. If you or your partner are getting too excited too quickly and you want to slow things down a bit so that you can enjoy each other for longer, take a break to get some water and smoke a little bowl of marijuana. 

Just be sure your partner is fully agreeable so they won’t get the wrong impression. Touch your partner softly as you smoke the bowl, and don’t wait too long before you get back to it. You just want to back up a bit but not diminish the passion completely.

But don’t just take my word for it – according to a study, a majority (67%) of the ones surveyed had said that weed does make sex better. However, it’s important to note that you must take caution when pairing weed with sex. Consider a few things when you’re experimenting with sex and weed.

Things to Consider When Pairing Weed and Sex

Hold your horses there, Casanova. Take things slow when it comes to experimenting with weed and “gettin’ jiggy with it.”

Consider Weed Prior to the Night Of

There’s nothing worse than saving it for that magical night, all for it to blow up in your face – that is to say, have a bad experience. Let’s avoid the “This has never happened to me before!” phrase.

Test yourself with different portions. Start small and monitor how you feel. Introduce CBD to the mix if you end up taking too much, to counteract or balance out the effects.

Experiment with different types of cannabis, like concentrates, edibles, flower, etc. to see what your reaction is to each. Pay attention to how you feel with each variation of marijuana. Think about sex and see how you react to that thought. 

Consider Your Sexuality

Obviously, everyone is different when it comes to sexuality. It’s hard (see what I did there?) to measure how weed makes sex better because sex is so different for everyone. 

Experiment with what you like, what your partner likes, and try new things. Introduce new things, other than marijuana, just to measure comfort levels.

Consider Different Weed Strains

Not all strains are created equal. Some strains may be better than others when it comes to sex, just as they are with things like creativity, stress, etc. Not only should you experiment with different types of cannabis, but strains. 

How do Sativa strains make you feel? How do Indica strains make you feel? What about hybrid strains? Try all spectrums and compare. We do have a few suggestions on which weed strains may make sex better for you and your partner.

Best Marijuana Strains for Enhancing Sex

Yes, terpenes make a difference when it comes to the effects of marijuana, so consider a few different strains. Take note that any strain that contains the terpene linalool, which is known to take a load off.

SIDE NOTE: When it comes to using marijuana to improve your sex life, using marijuana in moderation is far more important than exactly what type of weed you choose. 

If you over blaze and get too stoned, you will have neither the motivation nor the energy to have sex. Smoke just enough to take the edge off, and no more. That said, there are some marijuana products that are decidedly better than others when it comes to enhancing sex. 

Marijuana-infused massage oils have become a popular choice, although they won’t actually get you stoned. 

Avoid edibles as these tend to lead to a heavier, more sleep-inducing high. 

Indica strains can also lead to sleepiness, so it’s best to avoid those as well. 

While a pure Sativa won’t put you to sleep, it might be a bit too much of a head high, leaving you too spaced out to really focus on the act at hand. 

What you want is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. 

This will provide a well-balanced high with just the right level of mind and body relaxation. 

Blue Dream

One good Sativa-dominant hybrid strain to try is Blue Dream. This strain is known to boost your confidence, lower your inhibitions, and get you to be a bit more social and talkative than you usually are. Those may help make sex better.

Skywalker OG Kush

Not too heavy of an Indica, as it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is known for relieving anxiety and pressure. Relax – you got this. Walk on the clouds and enjoy the ride. Use a little Kush’n for the pushin’.

Super Lemon Haze

This Sativa strain is like a healthy energy drink. Tryin’ to go the distance? Super Lemon Haze may help with giving you energy and libido, so you can actually last as long as you say you will, without falling asleep after round 1.

Animal Cookies

This one’s a nice, balanced hybrid strain that won’t have you bouncing off the walls, nor falling asleep on your partners. It’s known for relaxation and for being a mood enhancer – in more than one way.

A few other notable strains to consider (as they all have qualities to help you enjoy sex a bit better:

  • LA Confidential

  • Jilly Bean

  • Cheese Quake

  • Grandaddy Purple

  • Sour Diesel

  • Mimosa

And last but not least, be safe you horny stoners!

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Cannasaver Weed Deals Near Me

Cannasaver Weed Deals Near Me

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 20 April 2023 in Canna Blog

Cannabis consumption can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn't always have to break the bank. With online platforms like Cannasaver, you can find fantastic deals on cannabis products from dispensaries in your local area

In this blog, we'll guide you on how to navigate Cannasaver to discover the best "weed deals near me."

What is Cannasaver?

Cannasaver is our free online platform that allows you to find the best cannabis deals in your area. 

We feature discounts and promotions from various dispensaries, making it a one-stop shop for cannabis consumers looking to save money. 

Whether you're searching for the best prices on flower, concentrates, edibles, or other cannabis products, Cannasaver can help you score the best deals.

Finding Weed Deals Near Me on Cannasaver

search for deals on cannasaver

Location-Based Search

The easiest way to find the best deals in your area is by using the location-based search function. By entering your city or zip code, you can discover a plethora of deals from local dispensaries. This feature ensures that you're only seeing relevant deals, cutting down on the time and hassle of sorting through numerous offers from dispensaries outside your area.

weed categories on Cannasaver

Category Selection

Cannasaver conveniently categorizes the deals based on the type of product, such as flower, concentrates, edibles, or pre-rolls. This feature allows you to quickly find the best deals on the specific products you're interested in.

dispensary deals on cannasaver

Dispensary Comparison

Cannasaver allows you to compare prices and deals from different dispensaries in your area. This comparison can help you find the best value for your money. Remember, the cheapest deal isn't always the best. Consider factors such as product quality, dispensary reputation, and customer reviews when making your decision.

Regular Updates

Our Cannasaver platform is updated regularly with new deals and discounts. This means that even if you don't find the perfect deal today, there's always a chance you'll find it tomorrow or next week. 

Consider checking our site regularly to stay updated on the latest offers.

Save on Weed with Cannasaver

Cannasaver is a valuable resource for cannabis consumers looking to save money on their purchases. By understanding how to navigate the platform effectively, you can find the best "weed deals near me." Remember, it's essential to consume responsibly and to always verify the legality of cannabis in your area. Happy weed shopping!

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An unsparked spliff found at the intersection of Holcombe and Grand Avenues in Roacheo has itself sparked a quest to find its rightful owner, and, in the chance of its true orphanage, the rightful person who should otherwise spark it themselves.

Although mum at first, it wasn't long before news of the abandoned doobie had reached the locals by storm, with a plurality of the suburb's citizens jamming switchboards by phone to lay claim to the J for days. It was locked away and heavily-guarded, 24-7.

The first at the scene had been Bartelby Jones, a town gossip who happened to “find” the spliff at the corner Tuesday morning at the bus stop. Another laying claim to the pre-roll, Vincent McGillicuty, says the bus stop is in front of his house and therefore the item of interest is likely from his stash. And yet another, Esmerelda Cutler, filed a formal request for custody of the spliff, even though she’s never been to this side of town and is only visiting for RoachFest this weekend from Steem's Point. There were plenty others. 

“Obviously somebody out there is probably pretty concerned about this little spliff,” Cheef Officer Caititia Pendleton initially reported. “Everyone can see, it’s extra plump. And stanky.”

The Save the Spliff campaign did very poorly as far as recruitment, until changing name to Save the Spliff for Me. The movement quickly amassed one hundred thousand followers, each eager to smake the joint only to themselves despite its girth. 

The city and particularly, its council, have also laid claim to the rolled flower. Friday, a local magistrate clarified that any entity could be appointed legal guardian and keeper of the joint by the city judicial system, and in doing so, announced that he would undertake such a laborious burden. An immediate appeal to an even higher court led to a decision that all those in the vicinity could partake together of said joint, if consumed equally in a circle--a decision well-received by all parties. An even higher appellate decision will determine who has legal right to spark of it.

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Best Dispensary in Denver

Best Dispensary in Denver

Posted by CANNASaver on Saturday, 08 April 2023 in Canna Blog

When people think of Denver, there are a few things that come to mind – snow, skiing/snowboarding, marijuana, the Rocky Mountains, cowboys, hippies, marijuana, high altitude, South Park, and yes – marijuana, of course.

Yes, Denver is where it all became legalized, so it’s hard not to think of cannabis when you think of the Mile High City.

The booming cannabis industry in Denver has given rise to a multitude of dispensaries (over 500 retail/recreational dispensaries and over 400 licensed medical marijuana, to be exact), each striving to offer the best products, services, and experiences. That’s enough to make your head spin (and not in the good way you're thinking).

Luckily, to save you some time and headache, we’ve put together our list of the best dispensaries in Denver. 

This list is not in any particular order. We’ll let you decide which of these is actually the best dispensary in Denver, but chances are you won’t be disappointed – no matter which dispensary you end up choosing (no, really, these are some of our best dispensary deals near Denver). To make the list even better, we’ve included some deals you can use at each of the dispensaries. 

Chronic Therapy dispensary Denver

Chronic Therapy

(Recreational, Discounts for Medical)

Cannapages Info: Chronic Therapy

Google reviews: 4.2 (399 reviews)

Deals: Chronic Therapy Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Website: Chronic Therapy

Social : Chronic Therapy Facebook | Chronic Therapy Instagram | Chronic Therapy Twitter

Chronic Therapy is a reputable, family-owned cannabis dispensary based in Colorado. They pride themselves on providing high-quality, locally-grown cannabis products. Their wide selection likely includes various strains of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals.

The Stone dispensary Denver

The Stone


Cannapages Info: The Stone

Google reviews: 4.2 (1,339 reviews)

Deals: The Stone Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: The Stone

Social : The Stone Instagram

The Stone is a premier dispensary located in Denver, Colorado, known for its wide variety of high-quality cannabis products and exceptional customer service. It's an ideal destination for both novice and experienced cannabis users, offering an extensive selection of flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. The knowledgeable staff at The Stone provides personalized guidance, helping you navigate their impressive product range. Coupled with its competitive pricing and frequent promotional deals, The Stone ensures a valuable cannabis shopping experience. Whether you're looking to explore new strains or seeking advice for medicinal usage, The Stone is a must-visit for its quality, affordability, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Doc's Apothecary dispensary Denver

(The) Doc’s Apothecary (Northglenn)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: The Doc’s Apothecary (Northglenn) 

Google reviews: 4.1 (667 reviews)

Deals: Doc's Apothecary Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am – 9:45 pm; Sunday, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Website: The Doc’s Apothecary (Northglenn)

Social: Doc’s Apothecary Instagram | Doc’s Apothecary Twitter

Kind Meds dispensary Denver

Kind Meds


Cannapages Info: Kind Meds

Google reviews: 4.4 (106 reviews)

Deals: Kind Meds Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:45 pm; Sunday, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Website: Kind Meds

Social : Kind Meds Facebook

Kind Meds is a top-tier dispensary located in Denver, Colorado, known for its commitment to providing high-quality medicinal and recreational cannabis products. The dispensary stands out for its vast selection, including a diverse range of flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Kind Meds are always ready to guide customers through their offerings, making personalized recommendations based on individual needs and preferences. With a focus on promoting wellness and responsible use, Kind Meds is an excellent destination for those seeking expert advice and premium cannabis products in a welcoming, patient-focused environment.

Pure Marijuana Dispensary Denver

Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Bannock St.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Bannock St.)

Google reviews: 4.6 (1,116 reviews)

Deals: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Bannock) Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: Pure Marijuana Dispensary 

Social: Pure Marijuana Dispensary Twitter


Pure Marijuana Dispensary (E. Colfax Ave.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (E. Colfax Ave.)

Google reviews: 4.6 (843 reviews)

Deals: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Colfax) Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: Pure Marijuana Dispensary 

Social: Pure Marijuana Dispensary Twitter


Pure Marijuana Dispensary (W. 40th Ave.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (W. 40th Ave.)

Google reviews: 4.7 (1,227 reviews)

Deals: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (40th) Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: Pure Marijuana Dispensary 

Social: Pure Marijuana Dispensary Twitter


Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Sheridan Blvd.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Edgewater)

Google reviews: 4.4 (196 reviews)

Deals: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Edgewater) Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: Pure Marijuana Dispensary 

Social: Pure Marijuana Dispensary Twitter


Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Ivy St.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Ivy St.)

Google reviews: 3.6 (77 reviews)

Deals: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Ivy St) Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: Pure Marijuana Dispensary 

Social: Pure Marijuana Dispensary Twitter

Pure Marijuana Dispensary in Denver, Colorado, sets the bar high for cannabis retail. Offering a diverse selection of premium cannabis products, from aromatic flower strains to potent concentrates, delicious edibles, and therapeutic topicals, Pure Marijuana Dispensary caters to every preference. Their staff is highly knowledgeable and dedicated to guiding customers toward the best choice for their unique needs. With a commitment to quality, a focus on customer service, and competitive pricing, a visit to Pure Marijuana Dispensary promises a top-notch experience for both medicinal users and recreational enthusiasts alike.

The Lodge dispensary Denver

The Lodge Cannabis (Federal Blvd.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: The Lodge Cannabis (Federal Blvd.)

Google reviews: 4.8 (1,736 reviews)

Deals: The Lodge (Federal/Barnum) Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 9:50 pm

Website: The Lodge Cannabis 

Social: The Lodge Cannabis Facebook | The Lodge Cannabis Instagram


The Lodge Cannabis (RiNo)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: The Lodge Cannabis (RiNo)

Google reviews: 4.8 (1,569 reviews)

Deals: The Lodge (RiNo) Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 9:50 pm

Website: The Lodge Cannabis 

Social: The Lodge Cannabis Facebook | The Lodge Cannabis Instagram


The Lodge Cannabis (Yale)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: The Lodge Cannabis (Yale)

Google reviews: 4.8 (1,736 reviews)

Deals: The Lodge (Yale) Cannasaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 9:50 pm

Website: The Lodge Cannabis 

Social: The Lodge Cannabis Facebook | The Lodge Cannabis Instagram

On top of offering medical as well as recreational cannabis, The Lodge is also known for carrying a wide variety of CBD and TCHA products, which have their very own health benefits. You’ll find some amazing deals for some amazing cannabis, whether it’s your birthday or not. The Lodge really is a welcoming store and has been voted “Best Dispensary in Denver” by quite a lot of different media outlets around Denver.

Of course, we have so many other dispensaries we could recommend, based on what you’re looking for, but these are some of the best dispensaries in Denver that we’re certain you’ll be left satisfied with the customer service and product of all of the dispensaries we’ve mentioned. We’re curious to see which of these you actually deem the best dispensary in Denver.

Find the Best Deals on Weed with Cannasaver

Cannasaver makes it simple to compare prices and find the best deals on your favorite products, like bud, concentrates, edibles, cartridges, and more. Our platform is easy to navigate and regularly updated, ensuring you're always in the know about the latest deals.

Explore a Variety of Dispensaries

While the above-mentioned dispensaries are certainly some of the best, it's not the only dispensary in Denver. Cannasaver allows you to discover a range of other dispensaries, their offerings, and their deals, giving you the power to choose based on your preferences and budget.

Save Time and Money

By consolidating all weed deals in one place, Cannasaver saves you the time and hassle of scouring individual dispensary websites or making multiple visits.

In just a few clicks, you can find the best prices and discounts, potentially saving you a significant amount of money over time.

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Naming Weed Strains

Naming Weed Strains

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 12 March 2021 in Canna Blog

Spending time around cannabis is a much different thing when a dispensary is involved. As more and more states legalize cannabis, it occurred that many would-be legal or medical marijuana consumers and patients would have to learn the strains and products they are interested in and that provide the most benefit or experience. Naming weed strains is not always a good indicator for the experience or benefit, but in most cases, it can offer some clues. 

In this guide, we provide an overview of the top five things that can impact the naming of a cannabis strain: 

  • Genetics

  • Aroma

  • Color

  • The Year

  • The Region

How Weed Strains Are Named

There are hundreds if not thousands of different strains. Some can be informative and others exist to be random or silly. There are more clues in the names as to what you can expect from certain strains than most people realize. These clues allow patients and consumers to approximate the experience or benefit a particular strain will have.

The Genetics of the Weed Strain

Naming a strain most often comes from a reference to the genetics of the two parent plants. By crossing or splicing the genes of two-parent plants, more robust flavors, complimentary experiences or benefits, and, in several cases, can contain larger amounts of THC and/ or other cannabinoids.

For instance, several strains can be found with “Kush'' somewhere in their name. This acts as a sort of suffix that can tell you a few different things. Generally, these strains are descendants of a subset of Indica plants that originally grew in the Hindu Kush mountain ranges between Afghanistan and India. Strains with the “Kush” qualifier will generally be more on the Indica side of the spectrum, known to produce a relaxed, euphoric side experience. 

This leads us to the question: What if a “Kush” strain was mixed with a Sativa strain, which is known for being energizing and uplifting. For example, the name of the strain “Lemon Kush” implies that both the strain has ‘“Kush” genetics, but that the strain Lemon G was crossed with it. 

This allows the strain to take on, for some consumers and patients, a relaxing yet uplifting, focused experience. This is what is known as a hybrid strain. 

The Aroma of the Strain

While we are on the topic of Lemon G, a Sativa strain, let’s begin the conversation on flavor as an aspect of naming a weed strain. 

In the strain Lemon G, the strain is named based on genetics, with the “G” comes from the strain “G13” and the “Lemon” comes from an unknown cross strain. But what is also very apparent is that lemon is a citrus fruit. Just by association, one could deduce the strain will have a citrusy, lemon-like aroma. 

While the aroma and flavor of a strain is entirely the work of the terpenes in the strain, these common associations to fruit, berries, and even candy are common in naming weed strains. And in most cases, you can smell and taste a bit of the fruit or food mentioned.

There are some less sweet-sounding strains as well. Sour, Diesel, Skunk, and Chem are common prefixes and suffixes of cannabis strains. 

These are some of the most common modifiers used in naming cannabis strains, as they imply a blend of earthy, pungent, and a “definitely going to fill the room with some funky” aroma. Moreover, these terms are largely references to strain genetics and can be (accurately) used as a selling point due to potency. These strains generally carry a high THC content and a bit more of an uplifting effect than some other strains, whether they lean more on the Indica or Sativa side. 

The Color of the Strain

Both genetics and terpenes impact the color of a strain. Color is not necessarily correlated to the aroma but can draw some inspiration. In the case of Grand Daddy Purple, known as “Grand Daddy Purp”, the leaves and buds are hued with the lush of lavender yet the aroma is something else entirely: a robust mix of earth, pepper, and berries or grape. 

In naming weed strains, the color is among the top modifiers. It allows for easy visual differentiation and is generally unique to each strain. However, only certain strains express purple or blue characteristics.  

The Year the Strain Was First Created

This is rare, but one popular strain that comes to mind is Pre-98 Bubba Kush. This hybrid strain utilizes the “Pre-98” to communicate to consumers and patients the strain has roots in cannabis history as one of the best strains around. While many strains consistently outmatch Pre-98 Bubba Kush, it is still a favored strain for its heavy body high and relaxing effect. 

The Region the Strain Was Grown

Concerning “OG”, as is seen in California OG, OG Kush, and many other strains, the most commonly pointed reason for naming marijuana strains with “OG” is that landrace Afghani genetics were grown in the climate of California, managing to grow in a much different climate than the Afghan mountains. 

Much like how wines, scotch, and other foods or beverages must be from a region to be considered authentic, OG is thought to explain the plants were not mountain-grown, as Afghani had been traditionally, but were “Ocean Grown”, relaying details, not about the strength of the strain, but the environment which it was grown. 

A Blend Of Terms Make Up Modern Strain Names

As noted above, naming marijuana strains is often a blend of not only genetics but generally several other factors.


Whether choosing to grow your own or buying a few different strains of dry flower from a local dispensary to mix to your flavor, color, aroma, and effect preference is what the legal market for cannabis allows. So we encourage you to shop not just based on any one single quality, but on many of the above naming criteria. 

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Live Resin Element Extracts $55/1G
Live Resin Element Extracts $55/1G
Warren - Medical 373.81 miles
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Save $50 When You Purchase $100 or More!
Towson - Recreational 54.54 miles
Assorted Flower 3.5g  Various Strains   $56.25
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The Botanist   168 Dose Syringe (840mg) $100 OTD!
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1000mg Concentrate Syringe $100
1000mg Concentrate Syringe $100
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Kind Tree 350mg Distillate Syringe  $38.50
Kind Tree 350mg Distillate Syringe $38.50
Elizabeth - Medical 206.31 miles
Kind Tree Little Flower 3.5G /  $40.00
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Flower 1/8  Prepacked  $20/3.5G (Select Strains)
Flower 1/8 Prepacked $20/3.5G (Select Strains)
Detroit - Medical 368.81 miles
Flower 1/8ths $27
Flower 1/8ths $27
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Columbia Care Flower 3.5g  $50
Columbia Care Flower 3.5g $50
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Etain Mini Vaporizer $27.00
Etain Mini Vaporizer $27.00
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3.5g  Vireo Ground Flower  $40
3.5g Vireo Ground Flower $40
Brooklyn - Medical 216.99 miles
25% OFF CBD Midnight Magic Oil
25% OFF CBD Midnight Magic Oil
Ijamsville - Rec & Med 22.86 miles
Kind Tree 30ml. Tincture $55
Kind Tree 30ml. Tincture $55
Montclair - Medical 211.51 miles