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Vape or Flower?

Vape or Flower?
Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 31 October 2022 in Canna Blog

Canna-newbies and canna-connoisseurs are typically flocking to dispensaries for one of two products: vape or flower.

Longer-established marijuana smokers often go with what they’ve grown accustomed to – smoking a bong, joint, or pipe.

And why not?! 

Flower is timeless and has aged well. Flower was probably the very first way you ever delighted by marijuana’s righteousness.

Nonetheless, as legalization sores high in the sky; vaping has gotten pretty famous over the long haul.

Vaping is often seen as the new-age alternative to burning a bowl. Many people love vaping due to its ease of use and discreetness. Vaporization is the process of heating cannabis oils to specific temperatures below the point of combustion in a vape pen.

So, whether you are an experienced THC hero or a rookie looking to broaden your horizons, you've started thinking, “So which is it then? Vape or Flower?”

Let’s discuss.

smoking flower vs vape

Differences Between Vaping And Smoking Weed

Even though marijuana flower options increase in potency continuously and only seem to climb up, vaping has become prominent in the cannabis industry for providing a grander punch than regular marijuana flower.

Vaporization works by warming THC molecules to a temperature between 250-400 degrees fahrenheit which is what creates the vapor you smoke. This interaction of precise heat and cannabis oil, optimizes the way in which your body intakes cannabis. It only uses enough heat to create a highly concentrated marijuana vapor.

While smoking works by requiring combustion to smoke THC, smoking flower produces cancer-causing synthetic compounds as a side-effect of said combustion. This can cause hacking, wheezing, shortness in breath, and various other lung problems.

Marijuana vape cartridges offer an alternative to the combustion of smoking and can lighten the coughing.

Which is Most Efficient: Vape or Flower?

Let's look at some of the most efficient ways to smoke weed and where vaping and smoking flower rank...

In Terms Of Potency and Your “High”

Recent studies have found that vaping does, in fact, give you a more fantastic high than smoking flower.  

In those particular studies,  different volunteers had their pulses constantly monitored, blood pressure was checked during their smoke sessions, and had blood drawn throughout the day.

When vaped, cannabis can create much more fantastical results than with regular ol Mary Jane. Vaping has been stated by some smokers to cause those individuals to feel a lot higher than by just smoking marijuana flower; for better and worse. Per THC dosage, flower just can’t compare to vape.

Last Good and Important Note About Vaping Cannabis: This absolutely means that if you are a first-time passenger on the cannabis vaping train, be aware of how much you're intaking and go slow. 

In Terms Of Cost

The financial aspects of smoking as opposed to vaping are really comparable. 

The definitive difference depend on several factors, most notably, the manner by which you choose to indulge in cannabis.

For instance, a gram of cannabis flower can cost roughly $7-$10. So, if you smoke one gram of flower consistently for seven days, expenses could amount to roughly $49-$70 per week.

On the flip side, many people consider vaping to be at a more reasonable cost than flower. 

With control of the temperature, you are able to give your a nice dosing of THC with any sort of flame. 

With vapes being considered more potent than flower, some people can get a gram of a cartridge to last longer; though cartridge prices vary.

weed vape

Which is More Convenient: Vape or Flower?

Smoking marijuana is something you can do alone or to share as a significant method for mingling with your peers. Setting up your weed for smoking is social and fun. Ceremonial, even.

But vaping provides a more discreet experience than smoking. One of the most engaging parts of vaping cannabis is that it doesn't produce as strong of a smell as flower tends to. 

It is also easier to conceal and hide away if needed.

Which One Lasts Longer: Vape or Flower?

Which method is going to last the longest? Let's look at vape first.

Vape Cartridge Life Span

If your cartridge starts to “go bad” it won't taste as good, won’t be as potent, and can cause more coughing/headaches.

One way to check if it’s good or not is whether you notice the color and viscosity are similar to when you bought it. The oil inside the cartridge should be golden/amber in color. It also should have a general clarity to it as well.

Shelf life is typically a year in good conditions.

Flower’s Life Span

If your flower starts to go bad, you’ll notice a lot of it through smell. It begins to smell different and/or loses its smell altogether. 

The buds will start feeling different: either too wet or too dry. If the buds are wet, be careful for mold. Mold is the last thing you want to be smoking. 

If you store your flower in good conditions, it can last 6-12 months.

Which Is Healthier: Vaping Or Flower?

Though vaping is technically the “healthiest” of the smoking options, eating edibles is the only one absolute way to ingest cannabis without long term effects to your body.

Vaping’s Effects On Your Lungs

When you have a high-quality vape product, there are a few reasons why it may just become the product of choice for your marijuana needs.

As vaporizing cannabinoids promptly introduces them to your circulatory system and of course, your lungs. This enables you feel the cannabis much faster.  

Vaping is considered less damaging than smoking flower, but the real answer is, long-term data just isn’t known as of yet. Vaping is too new of a product of the market. Be mindful of low quality vaporizers that can appear just about anywhere. These are usually made with delicate plastic parts that you would rather not breathe in. 

Flower’s Effects On Your Lungs

Some might contend that marijuana smoke isn't as hurtful as tobacco smoke, though, this doesn’t absolve flower from its potential harm on your throat and lungs. 

At the point when flower combusts, the high temperature of the fire consumes a portion of the terpenes and cannabinoids.

Taking in smoke into your lungs can risk breathing in cancer-causing carcinogens. 

weed nugget

So Which One Is Better? Vape or Flower?

In the end, ultimately which is better is going to be up to you. Both kinds of marijuana are different from each other. You will just have to choose which journey to go on. But never worry, both will get you where you need to go.

Vaping Provides:

  • Efficiency
  • A discreet experience
  • A punch of flavors
  • Absolute control over temperature

Flower Provides

  • More intense effects
  • No learning curve
  • Low maintenance

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