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Harbor Farmz Gummies 200mg $16
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Save $50 When You Purchase $100 or More!
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California Weed Delivery

California Weed Delivery
Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 29 November 2022 in Canna Blog

Many people have ordered food or groceries through the likes of GrubHub or DoorDash. Or, you can get groceries brought to your home by Instacart. Weed delivery (in California) works in much the same way.

Since 2019, Californians could get their ganja goods without leaving their personal space. How cool is that?

Several states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana also allow delivery services. It’s a nice convenience for cannabis customers.

Legally, online stoner shopping has the same restrictions as in-person pot pickup. So, what are the laws in the West Coast’s biggest state? We’ll give you a brief overview below.

And how do you go about ordering your sesh supplies? It’s pretty simple. We’ll show you how.

Because you’re here on Cannasaver, you may wonder about dank discounts and how they apply. Before we go, we’ll explain how bud bargains work with getting your greens delivered.

If you live in, work in, or visit Cali, then this service should have some appeal. Why is getting delivery such a good deal for weed shoppers of every stripe?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

weed delivery in california

What Does Weed Delivery Mean for California Cannabis Customers?

Dispensaries first opened in this state in 1996 when medical marijuana was legalized. Provisioning places further multiplied once recreational toking became legal in 2016. But it took until 2018 before consumers could order online and get ganja dropped off at their homes.

So, why shop stoner supplies this way? There are lots of reasons folks might prefer to have their buds brought directly to them. 

For one thing, you don’t have to deal with traffic or crowds if the weed comes to you. 

Those who may be disabled likely find it easier to have their marijuana meds delivered. Online ordering means not having to worry about accessibility. Though dispensaries ought to have ramps, there is less worry, with drop-off.

Maybe you’re having a party with friends and ran out of weed. Oh no! But wait, just pick up the phone or go online and let the pot come to you. You now don’t have to leave the festivities to resupply!

Whatever reason you have for not wanting to shop in person, weed delivery means you don’t have to. This is a big plus for consumers. Convenience is king.

This service also benefits sellers. First of all, delivery-only dispensaries have less overhead than brick-and-mortar stores. After all, they are without the expense of a big building. That may also ease the pocketbooks of their customers.

Physical provisioning centers sometimes have their cannabis couriers to bring you your bud. Some started dropping off during the Covid pandemic lockdown. That was because customers couldn’t come to dispensaries. Now, this gives bud businesses an extra service to offer.

So, how does delivering weed work under the law for buyers and sellers?

weed from delivery

California Weed Laws

When it comes to having weed delivered versus buying it in a dispensary, the law is largely the same. That is, there are the same requirements for cannabis purchasing and possession. And what are they?

Basically,  for recreational tokers, you must be 21 or older to have, purchase, or use pot. Medical users can be as young as 18.

Casual possession is limited to 28.5 grams of ganja and 8 grams of concentrates. However, med card holders get to buy up to eight total ounces of cannabis.

And out-of-state stoners can buy in California, too. If they have a med card from another state, it will suffice. Otherwise, any state ID that proves you are 21 years old will qualify you for buying marijuana.

There are no further consumer stipulations. However, suppliers have their own rules and considerations. 

2018 state law allowed commercial cannabis to be delivered to any non-government address. That’s even to areas that don’t allow bud businesses in their jurisdiction.

However, there may still be local limits on time, place, and how stoner supplies are delivered. This may also include hours of operation. So, cannabis companies have to be aware of ordinances in their area.

Keeping all of this in mind, let’s discuss how the process goes down.

delivering weed in california

How Does California Weed Delivery Work?

Okay, you have a need for more weed. And you know of a place that delivers. What’s next?

Here’s what online ordering is like:

  • First, either go to the dispensary’s website or phone them. Even if you order over the phone, you’ll need a menu of some kind. Usually, that’s online, but some places do publish a print version. Just make sure it’s up to date.
  • Next, select the items you want to purchase. Online forms will likely give you a subtotal as you add to your virtual shopping cart. With phone orders, you may need to verbally request updates on the cost.
  • Complete your order. At this time, because of banking restrictions, payment will be cash upon delivery. There is some movement towards allowing the use of debit cards, but generally, you need paper money.

Also, be aware that most places charge a nominal fee for delivering your ganja goods. That charge tends to be around $5 to $10.

There are also likely state and local taxes

  • Then you wait for a knock on the door. It is customary to tip your driver. 15% is a good average.

That’s about it – at least for the shopping experience.

There is however one other area you should know about. That would be bodacious bud bargains.

How Can You Save on California Weed Through Cannasaver?

Our site is a one-stop search center for online and offline cannabis coupons. If you’re looking for dank deals, then you’re in the right place.

You can use the rectangular search box in the upper right of every page to find the stoner steals you want. Just enter the search terms and click. Or use the drop-down menus next to the search box.

There are even a few combo pick-up and delivery places like Firehaus in Los Angeles. You may want to consider them for your pot needs.

Here are some of their stoner specials:

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Harbor Farmz Gummies 200mg  $16
Harbor Farmz Gummies 200mg $16
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Save $50 When You Purchase $100 or More!
Save $50 When You Purchase $100 or More!
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