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1/8 Cookies Flower $60 Select Strains
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Liberty Flower 3.5G / $45 Assorted Strains
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Disposable Vape vs Cartridge

Disposable Vape vs Cartridge
Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 15 September 2022 in Canna Blog

Cannabis vape pens are just so convenient and easy to use. Press a button and puff away for a buzz with benefits. But which kind is best? Are disposable vaporizers the way to go or are cartridges better? 

Do you really know the differences between disposables versus carts? If so, cool. If not, then we’ll explain.

And we’ll cover which kind lasts longer, giving you the most mileage for your cannabis cash. Thus, we will discuss the costs of limited-use vapes. Next, we'll compare buying pen bases with removable cartridges. 

As we always do, we’ll show you how to save when vape shopping at your friendly neighborhood dispensary.

Let’s start with the pros and cons of disposable vape pens and cannabis oil cartridges.

weed vape cartridge

Are Disposable Vapes Better Than Cartridges?

Whether one is better than the other likely depends on the person.

The biggest plus to all-in-one, pitchable pens is simplicity. They are easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about charging them.

For newbies to vaping, uncomplicated cannabis is ideal. All they gotta do is buy a disposable vape, open it and press a button to puff. Once they’ve used up all the vape juice, then they just toss it in a garbage can. 

Cartridges are 510-threaded modules that screw onto a rechargeable battery base. They are filled with concentrated cannabis oil, like all-in-one vapes are. But different carts can be swapped out on any standard vape pen in about a minute. 

They aren’t much harder to use than a temporary vape. But the base does need to be powered up periodically. And the oil in cartridges can weaken over time with long-term storage.

Thus, someone with more experience might prefer switching carts on a rechargeable pen. Whereas newbie vapers might find disposables somewhat simpler.

Let’s look closer at the differences between these kinds of vaporizers.

disposable vape cartridge

What are the Differences Between Vape Pens and Cartridges?

First of all, there’s more to vaping than just these two pen options. There’s also dry leaf vaping. And then there are tabletop vaporizers

Herb vaping is somewhat complicated. You got to grind the ganja flower and then pack the heating chamber. And they must be brushed out and cleaned. But some prefer the taste of roasted leaf versus oil or concentrates.

Tabletop vapes have a mouthpiece on the end of a hose that connects to a plug-in base. They can be used for either concentrates or herb. But they’re not very portable.

The two simplest devices are disposable pen vapes and cartridges for battery bases.

Disposables are one solid unit. They usually come in a cardboard box that you open to get at the pen. All you gotta do is press a button to begin puffing. Some you don’t even have to do that, you just inhale.

These throw-aways usually last for around 100 hits, then they’re done.

There’s obviously a bit more to the cart and battery base combo. The components are usually sold separately. You buy the base and then buy various cartridges to use with it.

Many 510 pens have a variable heat setting. With a double click, you can go from low to medium to high energy settings. That affects how hot the oil gets and thus how strong the hit is. 

Of course, using the higher setting will drain the battery faster. The base can be recharged again and again for many months before it is spent. And a full charge can last for dozens of hits, again depending on how high you set the temp.

Eventually, you’ll need to buy a new vape base for your carts.

Now, these are the major differences between the two types of portable vaporizer pens. Which will get you the most mileage overall? 

Do Cartridges or Disposable Vapes Last Longer?

Both kinds of vaping devises will give you well over a hundred puffs. With variable temperatures, rechargeable vapes may give fewer hits if kept on high.

So, which lasts longer?

The best answer to this question is “It depends”. The more you use either, the less time you will have before it is out of oil or the battery drains.

Obviously, with carts and battery bases, you replace an emptied cartridge with a fresh one. And when the base is out of charge, you just plug it in for a while.

Technically, you could say the cartridge option lasts the longest. After all, you can refill and repower the pen.

So, does that mean that rechargeables are the best bet for your cannabis cash?

Which is Cheaper?

Weedy living can get expensive. So, you want to stretch those stoner savings whenever you can.

When choosing between portable and pen options, is there a cheaper vape?

When buying a throw-away pen, you’re paying for one item. But with reusable devices, you have to purchase the pen and then you have to get a cart. So, there’s more expense, initially with the latter.

But, if you factor in usage over time, then a base plus a cart may be more cost-effective in the long run.

For example, at one dispensary in Denver, High Level Health, a half-gram disposable is $30.  But a half-gram cart, by itself is $27. To that, you have to add the cost of a vape pen, if you don’t already own one. The same place sells a reusable battery base for 510-threaded carts at $22.98.

Thus the costs are about the same - if you already have a reusable pen to attach your carts to. Otherwise, a disposable would be cheaper because you don’t have to buy a vape pen additionally.

Prices are subject to change, but you can still note the similarity in pricing.

Okay, you’ve seen the pros and cons of the two kinds of vaping pens. The choice now is entirely up to you. Now let’s look at some deals on disposables, rechargeables, and cannabis oil cartridges.

close up vape cartridge

Stoner Savings on Disposable Vapes and Cartridges 

How do you find great deals on vape pens, carts and gear here on Cannasaver? The same way you find anything else. Your portal to pot savings is the search box in the upper left corner of the page. 

Below the search rectangle is a map icon that you can use to choose your geographic location. That way you can find disposable vape pen, rechargeable base or cartridge deals near you. 

Whatever way you decide to vape, you’ll find some sweet deals to set you up.

To get you started, we’ve listed a few below.  

Two 500mg Vape Cartridges for $30 | Denver, Colorado | La Bodega

$13.95 Disposable Vape Pen 250mg | Denver, Colorado | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - W 40th

$13.95 Disposable Vape Pen 250mg | Denver, Colorado | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - Bannock

1000mg High Potency Vape Cartridges Upto 95%+ $29.27 | Denver, Colorado | Herbs4you

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1/8 Cookies Flower $60 Select Strains
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