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7g Whole Flower $90 Select Strains
7g Whole Flower $90 Select Strains
Farmingdale - Medical 245.17 miles
350mg Distillate Cartridges $42.00
350mg Distillate Cartridges $42.00
Elizabeth - Medical 206.31 miles

Cheap Concentrates

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Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 18 July 2022 in Canna Blog

Lately, there’s been a lot of cannabis culture focus on concentrates. After all, they offer a lot of bang per bong hit. Or a few pulls on your vape pen will get you there - or maybe a drop or two of isolate.

But your personal finances may have you thinking hard about how much wax you can afford. You may worry that your vape cart collection is running dry. Cheap concentrates can help keep you dabbing, even when money is tight. 

At first glance, concentrated weed may seem costly. Compared to flower or edibles, it may look like you’re paying a lot for a little bit of crumble or shatter. But are you comparing apples to apples?

THC levels vary from one kind of cannabis to another. Different strains may have more or less. The strength of edibles can vary depending on the amount of marijuana in them. And, obviously, concentrates imply by their name that they have a lot of cannabinoid kick.

So, how do you know if you’re getting a good deal when spending some green for wax or oil? And what’s the best bet for maximum buzz? Which costs the least?

We’re going to examine extra-strength cannabis closely. We’ll answer the above questions. Then we will leave you with some ways to find great dab deals.

cheap wax concentrates

What Different Kinds of Concentrates are There?

The wide variety of waxy weed can be confusing. Generally, they look different from each other. But which is which, and why are they called what they are?

Here is a quick primer on these powerful cannabis solids and liquids.

Shatter is a flat, brittle substance. It tends to be golden yellow in color. It’s easy to dab with because it easily breaks into small, manageable pieces. This makes it popular.

Budder is an amber, soft whipped wax. Because it’s like the spreadable dairy product used in dining, it’s sometimes called butter. It, too, is easy to use, which dabbers like.

Then we have crumble. It is crumbly, hence the name.  The reddish-brown solid has a soft, particulate consistency that makes it very manageable. 

There are pressed waxes like hash or rosin. They vary somewhat in shading from light to dark. Hash is brittle, much like shatter, whereas rosin can be wet and sticky. The latter is gooier to work with but sticks to dab nails nicely.

Resin is a brownish sap. Like rosin, it adheres nicely. 

Resin and rosin both have ‘live’ varieties made from uncured cannabis. Thus, they have more terpenes than dried and cured cannabis products. This increases their potency. 

Vape carts are filled with liquid the color of maple syrup. It only takes a few pulls from a vaporizer to get most people feeling groovy.

Tinctures and isolates tend to be clear. A drop or two under your tongue gives you some sublime stoning.

So, now that you know what’s what, which ones hit the hardest?

How Strong Are Various Concentrates?

When it comes to pure power, is there a variety that looms larger than others?

If you just measure THC alone, all the waxes we listed run up over 90% THC. Same thing with vapes and oil drops. So, they are all pretty stout. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all the same. 

Again, terpenes can boost the effects of these solids, so that is a consideration. And, as we noted, there are weed waxes that have more of these supercharging substances.

Live rosin and live resin, using fresher flower, tend to preserve more terpenes. Thus, some consider them stronger and better for dabbing. But they are a bit more complicated to produce and that adds increased cost to the consumer.

Trying some live wax for yourself could help you decide if they are worth the extra money. Drag off a friend’s vape if you want to see if buying one is for you.

Otherwise, 90% THC is pretty powerful. So, any of the other forms will still get you plenty high.

If cost is a concern, then which one should you go with? Is there a less pricy option?

wax concentrates deals for cheap

What’s the Least Expensive Concentrated Cannabis?

How can you get your hands on some cheaper concentrates? Well, you could buy some buds and make your own. Sometimes, though, there are costs for specialized equipment. And it is a lot of work.

Since live resin and live rosin are more expensive, you might want to avoid those if funds are tight.

But are there price differences between the others? Not appreciably. 

Concentrates are sold by the gram. Less popular strains or varieties could run $25-40 per gram. Middle-tier toking may range from $50-60. And the top shelf stuff can cost from $70 to over a hundred. 

I gram cartridges can be $45 to $100 apiece, depending on the kind. Gram isolate bottles price out around $30-60. Some do go as high as $100.

Inflation and other economic factors will change the above price points. Consider them approximations. 

Another influence can be the kind of weed your dabs are made from. There are high, medium, and low-end strains of marijuana flower. The more premium the source pot plants, the higher cost the concentrate could have. 

Popularity sometimes plays a part. If your provisioning center can charge you more for a fast-selling variety of wax, they may. Same thing if the source strain is a big seller.

Geography also affects ganja prices. Whether it’s leaf, oils, or waxes, where you live can affect what weed costs. West Coast rates may be higher than those in the Midwest.

So, you understand how pricing works. Now does that mean that bottom-shelf stuff is the only way to get cheap concentrates?

Not at all! Knowing how to find fabulous discounts also saves you money. That’s where Cannasaver comes in!

wax concentrates for cheap

How To Save When You Buy Concentrates

You can get dabbing ganja deals at just about any dispensary. Wax sales and promotions are commonplace. So are vaping specials. Tinctures and Isolate deals are about, too.

Knowing how to follow the best bargains is crucial to keeping your cannabis costs down. 

You can scout out local dispensaries right here on Cannasaver. That way you don’t have to wait for the discounts to come to you. 

You can use the big search box on the upper left corner of the page. Type away to find the kind of discounts you want. Search shatter, budder, or whatever wax you wish. Look for vaporizer or tincture sales, should that suit you.  Results can be refined to your vicinity.

So, cheap concentrates are within your grasp. Now you know how to find them.

To get you started, here are some sample links to wax specials that will save you some money:

8 1000mg High Potency Vape Cartridges $234.16

Wax & Shatter Deals

Garden Remedies 1:1 Tincture $75 each

$9.95 WAX

Mix & Match Any 8 Gram's Of Live Resin For $158.22

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7g Whole Flower $90 Select Strains
7g Whole Flower $90 Select Strains
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350mg Distillate Cartridges $42.00
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