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Where to Buy Weed

Where to Buy Weed
Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 09 September 2022 in Canna Blog

You feel the need to get yourself some weed. Okay, but where-oh-where can you buy bud and other pot products? That is an excellent question. 

You need to know how exactly to go about getting ganja. Stoner stores are called dispensaries or provisioning centers. For some medical patients, there are also caregivers who can get ganja on a patient’s behalf.

But what are the requirements for these marijuana merchandisers and pot providers? We’ll let you know the conditions under which you can buy from cannabis shops.

And what states have legalized recreational and/or medical sales? Is your state one of them? Do these states allow visitors to buy weed? These are all important points to ponder.  

Knowing the answers to all the above, you now must ask the most important question of all. That is, how can you save money buying marijuana? Cannasaver can definitely help you there!

Let’s start with how you go about getting some of the good stuff.

where to buy recreational weed

How To Buy Weed

Buying ganja at a dispensary isn’t exactly like going to the grocery store. There’s still a federal prohibition on pot. So, state dispensaries have strict rules they have to abide by. That means cannabis consumers have to know local laws.

In most states, there is an age requirement for weed procuring and use. 21 years old is the standard, generally.

Provisioning centers are licensed for medical marijuana, recreational or both. Some states offer medical and some also allow casual consumption. We’ll cover which ones offer what momentarily.

Those locations that require cards have set fees and procedures for obtaining them. Medical authorization requires a doctor’s certification for potential patients. Time frames for the process of getting a card vary.

Regardless of whether you are required to have a physician’s authorization to purchase weed store merchandise or not, you will need cash. The Federal prohibition mentioned above means banks won’t allow credit or debit card use.

Once you are legally compliant and have some cash to spend, you just need to find a dispensary to shop at.

So, which states have what kind of weed stores? Do you know what your local laws allow? Let’s look.

What States Can You Buy Weed In Right Now?

Here is a sampling of states and what they allow. Because some states’ laws are changing, the list is not entirely comprehensive.

Several states that were strictly medical to start have added recreational. In certain locations, new legislation may be forthcoming to legalize. It’s always best to check your local laws to be sure.

The following places have pot laws allowing purchases from provisioning centers.


• This state passed medical marijuana laws in 2010, with sales beginning in 2012.

Recreational sales were okayed in 2020.

• Though there are medical exceptions for minors, the age for legal use is 21. For younger people, parents or guardians can be appointed as caregivers.

• Limits include 2.5 ounces every two weeks for pot patients. It's an ounce per dispensary visit for recreational users. No more than 5 grams in concentrates, extracts, and edibles is the rule.


• Arkansas voted in prescribed pot in 2017, with the first licensed stores opening in 2019.

• Yep, you gotta be at least twenty-one years old.

• Thus far there is no casual use allowed. But there is a ballot initiative for recreational sales and possession in 2022.

• Restrictions stipulate 2.5 ounces of flower for cardholders every 14 days.

buy weed in colorado


• It was back in 2000 that Coloradans were allowed to purchase pot with a physician’s prescription. Recreational use was okayed in 2012.

• The legal age is, as in most places, 21.

• It is legal to purchase and possess no more than an ounce of marijuana for non-medical consumers. Those with a med card can have 2 ounces.


Medical marijuana was approved for the Land of Lincoln in 2013. Recreational weed followed in January 2020.

• The minimum age is the same as the above states.

• Card-carrying cannabis users can have can get 2.5 ounces every two weeks. All others can only buy and own an ounce. Between flower, edibles, and concentrates there is a cap of 500mg of total THC for both.


• This state has had pot for patients since 2014. Recreational ganja is on tap for a November 2022 ballot initiative

• 18 is the legal age here for medical certification. 

• 120 grams is the restriction for possession. That’s specified for every 30 days.


• The mitten state has both kinds of marijuana available. Cards for prescribed cannabis use have been available since 2009. Casual use was signed into law in 2018.

• You will have to have reached your twenty-first birthday to enjoy either kind of weed in Michigan.

• Whether a patient or just a stoner, 2.5 ounces is the max amount of pot you can possess at any one time.


Medical was legalized in 2014. Otherwise only edibles made from hemp with less than 50mg total THC are okay. Smoking weed without a card is thus far still illegal in 2022.

• If you’re 18 or over, you can get a prescription from your doctor in Minnesota and then apply for a med card.

• Qualified citizens can get and keep up to two and a half ounces of herb every couple of weeks.


• 2018 was the year that physician-prescribed pot was voted into law. This is another place with recreational use on the ballot in 2022.

• The acceptable age is twenty-one or older.

• Here you can have a generous 4 ounces per month.


• Ok, this is the last state we’ll cover. This jurisdiction, too, has medical use marijuana but nothing for non-patients. Yet. There is a proposal on the 2022 ballot.

• 21-year-olds and older can get qualified for med cards.

Qualifying people with a state license can carry 3 ounces, personally. They are allowed up to 8 oz. at home. 1 ounce is the restriction for concentrates and edibles cannot be more than 72 ounces.

Many other places are in the process of legalizing some form of cannabis. So, it’s a good idea to check out your local laws.

Is there anything else you need to know about getting yourself some ganja? Well, what about stoner shopping on vaycay?

Can You Buy Weed On Vacation? 

So, you decide to travel but want to toke. Can you buy weed with an out-of-state license?

The short answer is ‘sometimes’. Many states do allow marijuana purchases for tourists.

Those that have recreational generally will let a visitor purchase with a valid ID.  And many medical states will allow vacationing patients to use their home state certification to buy cannabis.

Of the states highlighted above, Arkansas, Nevada, and Oklahoma allow visitor purchases.  

Whenever you’re traveling, check the local laws to be sure.

At this point, the only thing left to learn is where to get great ganja deals.

where to buy an oz of weed

How To Save On Buying Marijuana Products

Cannasaver was created for just this purpose. We’re here to help you find the best bargains at the dispensaries closest to you. 

To find what you’re in search of, use the white rectangle in the upper left corner of any page on this site.  Below that is a map icon that will help you search for matches in a specific location. Find what you’re looking for where you’re at.

So, if you want to buy weed, you now know how to go about it. Time to go visit your favorite place for procuring pot, and when you do, tell them we sent you. 

To get you going, here are some sample savings, depending on where you're trying to buy weed.

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