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Pre Roll Prices

CANNASaver Blog
Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 28 February 2022 in Canna Blog

If you're trying to save some money on weed, you're probably considering pre-rolls. Here's all you need to know about pre-rolls, including pre-roll prices.

We'll start with the basics...

What is a Pre Roll?

A pre-roll is basically a cannabis joint that has been rolled ahead of time by the supplier or dispensary.

It basically saves the consumer the time needed to grind up the leaf, purchase the wrapper, and roll it oneself. 

Pre-rolls from a dispensary are usually made by special machines, but can also be made by hand. The machine produces a superior product compared to hand-rolled ones. Many cannabis consumers have liked the convenience of prepackaging for the pre-roll.

In the past, consumers stayed away from pre-rolls since they were made from “shake” or low-grade cannabis, stems, and excess leaves (the extra pieces at the bottom of the weed jars). However, with the development of quality cannabis dispensaries, pre-rolls have now gained popularity, since quality weed is now being used to create the pre-rolls.

Even what we call “shake” these days is of great quality.

Anatomy of a Pre Roll

Pre-rolls can contain any type of flower material. Different types of pre-rolls can have additional concentrates, such as wax, added to the inside or outside of the pre-roll. Adding concentrates adds to the potency of the pre-roll.

Many types of pre-rolls can be purchased, such as joints, blunts, spliffs, etc. Note that all these types of pre-rolls can be of various sizes. 

Some of the pre-rolls have filters, in cannabis terms called a “crutch.”

Classic joints involve rolling white paper, which can now be made of various materials, including hemp, soy, rice, and flaxseed (also referred to as flax). There are also clear rolling papers made from plant cellulose. The benefit of the cellulose paper is the ability to see the cannabis; however, some users claim that it affects the taste of the joint and they can even taste the cellulose.

How Much Weed is in a Pre Roll Joint?

The amount of cannabis in a joint can vary from 0.25 grams to 1.5 grams. 

This is in contrast to a blunt, which usually contains 1-2 grams. As you notice, the amount of cannabis can vary, but overall, a blunt has more cannabis, even though it is not always the case. A pre roll may not contain as much, but you’re not going to “burn” through your weed as fast – pun intended.

Pre Roll vs Blunt

The major difference between a blunt and a joint involves the rolling paper that is used. A blunt is rolled with cigar paper (also called blunt paper). There is an obvious difference since the wrapping paper is brown and much thicker. The paper is made out of tobacco and gives the user that extra “kick” when smoking. The tobacco-made wrapping paper helps the blunt burn slower than a joint There are numerous flavors of blunt paper including different kinds of fruit flavors. Usually, the blunts are larger than joints, but that is not always the case.

The thinner rolling paper used for a joint does not contain tobacco. The blunts contain tobacco because it’s present in the rolling paper, not because of tobacco added to the cannabis.

Pre Roll vs Spliff

When tobacco is added to cannabis, a spliff is created. Basically, a spliff is a joint that contains cannabis and has added tobacco, unlike joints that contain only cannabis. The addition of tobacco gives the spliff a peppy lift. A spliff can be rolled from white rolling paper or a cigar (blunt) wrap.

So now that we have that down, the question is whether or not to roll yourself, or should you just purchase a pre-roll? 

Are the convenience and pros of a pre-roll worth it, compared to the cons? 

We’ll let you decide whether or not pre rolls are worth it, but we do think they’re definitely a better deal these days, given the quality of weed and even “shake,” which is what pre rolls used to be made up of most.

Let’s discuss some positives and negatives about pre-rolls.

Advantages to Pre Rolls

  • The most important and obvious positive is the convenience of not having to roll. You can pick it up at the dispensary, and it’s all ready to use.
  • There is less of a mess. You avoid the problem of excess cannabis left behind.
  • They can be bought in any number you want (to an extent), and can even be bought in packs, similar to a pack of cigarettes.
  • They are easy to take on the go, especially for traveling.
  • It’s less likely a machine pre-roll will open and release its contents. This is very important when traveling to a state or country where recreational cannabis is not legal. You don’t want to enter that state/country with cannabis leaf particles on your person. 
  • There are great prices for pre-rolls if you know where to look (hint: We have many on our website, which is probably why you’re here).
  • Some consumers with certain medical conditions are not able to roll a joint, blunt, or spiff on their own.
  • There is such a wide variety available to satisfy any cannabis consumer.

Disadvantages to Pre Rolls

  • You can’t be positive about what kind of cannabis is in the pre-roll unless you were to cut it open.
  • If you’re not familiar with the dispensary, you could end up receiving pre-rolls with low-grade cannabis, stem, or excess leaf. If you stick to the dispensaries on our website, this is much less likely to occur.
  • Pre-rolls tend to go stale faster since they are not sold in well-sealed containers. It is up to the consumer to find some sort of airtight storage container, once home. Mason jars have traditionally been a great choice.

The million-dollar question is whether you should or should not purchase a pre-roll. Does the convenience outweigh the negatives? Do they actually end up being less expensive than just rolling it yourself?

Well, the answer is that depends on the person. My suggestion is to purchase and try them. See what you think. Before giving them the shove aside, I would definitely recommend trying a pre-roll.

Most pre-rolls consist of 1 gm, and prices will vary just as the different strains cost different prices.

If you want ideas on which pre-rolls to purchase, check out suggestions in the middle of this article: Tips on how to spot a quality pre-roll.

Last modified on Tuesday, 26 July 2022
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