Trenchtown Cannabis

734 Sheridan Blvd | Denver | Colorado | 80214
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A Medical & Recreational Dispensary in Denver, CO

Trenchtown is a grower owned and operated Denver medical and recreational dispensary and Downtown Denver marijuana city farm.   We are dedicated to providing small batch, hand trimmed, pesticide free, and tested marijuana and marijuana products to all of our customers.

Humble Beginnings
From a historic brewery warehouse in Downtown Denver, the journey began in 2009 with 2 guys, a couple of lights, and a humble idea that we could bring legal, world class cannabis to all of our friends in Colorado. Today, we still grow all of your cannabis in the same warehouse and with the help of many great friends. 

It’s easy to see that we are not like most other shops.  Named in honor of the birthplace of reggae music, we aim to transplant you to your favorite island, mountain, lake or beach with every visit. We invite you to come tour over 40 strains that we grow in house, many of which have taken years to craft.

Our recreational dispensary is open for those of you that do not have a medical condition and yet still want to enjoy the many benefits of cannabis use.

Whether you are a patient or a customer, we promise to treat each of you as if you are family.

Medical Dispensary- We serve 21 years of age and older with a valid medical card.

Recreational Dispensary- We serve 21 years of age and older with valid identification.


Trenchtown was founded by two friends from Denver with an idea that a cannabis business could be built from the ground up with hard work, great help, and very little money.  We were right.  It started with two, now there are over twenty five of us and growing every month.


The Culture  

Life is simple over here at Trenchtown. It’s pretty easy to build a great culture when you truly love what you do.  It’s also easy to attract a great workforce when there exists an environment of respect, honor, and gratitude.  We value hard work, and we also value personal time.  All of our employees share an enthusiastic zest for the outdoors, live music, and great times with great friends.


Trenchtown Values and Beliefs

  • We are thankful to be able to create a product that heals people.
  • We will never make a decision that values money over happiness.
  • We will always trust our fellow employees, customers, and community.
  • We will always innovate and improve quality.
  • We will always produce the best cannabis that we can.
  • We will promote and support musicians, artists, travelers, and dreamers.
  • We will fight for cultural, social and environmental change.
  • We promote cannabis culture and the safe use of it.
  • We will try and help anybody that asks for it.
  • We will never stop having fun.